Heaven Can Wait - March, 2019

Victor Valley Press Review - March. 2019

Heaven Can Wait - March 20, 2019

Theater Arts Guild presents “Heaven Can Wait,” directed by Burt Hamrick. Joe Pendleton is an up-and-coming prize fighter who is mistakenly brought to the Hereafter awaiting a flight to Heaven. The problem is that Joe doesn’t believe he is dead. A quick check of the heavenly records shows that Joe isn’t due to arrive for another 60 years. When the heavenly helpers decide to return Joe to his body, they discover that his body has been cremated. Joe and the helpers try to find another body for him to occupy. This leads to Joe’s spirit being placed into a recently deceased millionaire with his own back story. This madcap adventure is full of twists and turns and “how are they ever going to solve this?” dilemmas. This play was made into a film starring Warren Beatty.

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