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I am now being represented by the Apple Group - A Division of MZA! I am really glad to be able to continue to work with my good friend, Jerry Pace!


I didn't feel very much like celebrating this July 4th. There are babies stuck in cages by the Trump Administration that I simply cannot tolerate or abide. Everyone here in America is an immigrant. Trump seems to think that the door got bolted shut after he let in Melania and her family using the same laws he now calls chain migration. Do you think he calls Barron an anchor baby???


Title: MIAO (Additional roles - ATLANTA LOCAL)

Type: 1/2 Hour Independent Digital Series

Union: SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement (Pending)


Due to new enforcements SAG-AFTRA has made regarding the New Media Contract, a SAG-AFTRA actor must be attached to the project before paperwork can be started. Rather than hold these projects, we are releasing them as NEW MEDIA (PENDING). Breakdown Services recommends that talent and talent representatives perform “due diligence” to make sure paperwork has been completed before signing any contract. Breakdown Right Heading Production Co: Kiaro Pictures

Director: Andrew Kiaroscuro

DP: Andrew Olinde

Stunts: Alessandro Folchitto

Casting Director: Alan Boell

Audition Date(s): 05/24/2019

Start Date: 07/22/2019

Location: Atlanta, GA

Rate: SAG New Media Agreement / Deferred pay

Additional Notes Story line: MIAO the series is a story about the inner-workings of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world, and the birth of a revolutionary drug “MIAO”. The story starts out by following a young English drug smuggler Arthur Conrad as he is sent to infiltrate a renowned Drug Kingpins (Ralph Salazar) inner circle, discovering information on his coveted drug trade routes. He lands in the city of Atlanta awaiting the arrival of the son of a powerful politician, Royce Callahan, who tests Arthur along various stops to see if he is deadly as his Underling Boss, Mosly, has described. Meanwhile, Arthur runs into the charismatic, beauty Sarina Hernandez, who works on a Special Task force as their Forensics officer, and wishes to see Arthur again. After Arthur saves Royce from a near death experience, Royce decides to let Arthur in on his discovery of MIAO and offers a partnership to rise to become the most powerful drug lords the world has ever seen.


Role Description: 40 to 50 years old, all ethnicities male. Southern American Homicide detective most of his adult life. Married to his work; his only friends are on the force, and he knows them well. As organized crime escalates in the city, he feels more and more helpless, but he treats each case as a renewed opportunity to fight back.

Audition Instructions Thank you for submitting on the breakdown for 'MIAO'

Filming begins on 07/22/2019



2. LOCAL HIRE STATUS (to Atlanta)

3. CONFLICTS FOR o/a 07/22/2019

Thank You and Break Legs!

Alan Boell

Audition Deadline Friday May 24, 2019 @ 3:00 PM (PDT)




Producer: Kevin Welch, Katie Carpenter, Jackson Butler, Marcus Young, Chris Gervais

Director: Marcus Young

Writer: Chris Gervais

Casting Director: Kayla Gibson

Audition Date(s): 04/28/2019

Start Date: 06/08/2019

Rate of Pay: $100 FLAT

Location: Senoia, GA

Story line: “Three thieves descend on a farm in search of “The Living Sisters,” twin girls and the only human births since “The Crash,” a day when people stopped dying, growing, or getting pregnant. The twins are sought after by a King who collects all things rare in a chaotic world of people without mortal consequence. Led by Tulsa Bill Black, the thieves pose as needy travelers to gain entrance to the compound. Andrel, the father, reveals that the girls were born, but were true mortals and died as toddlers. Bill accuses him of lying and threatens to blow the entire place up with dynamite, killing the girls if they’re hiding and leaving everyone else with months of painful “regeneration.” A fight ensues in which the entire family is incapacitated by the thieves. It is interrupted by 16-year-old Mavis, the one remaining sister who has been hiding in a cellar.”

Role Name ROY

Role Description 50 to 70 years old, Caucasian male. Roy is a quiet, stoic man, and yet the only voice of the past. He knows how to hold his own when threatened. SUPPORTING

Audition Instructions

Hello Talent!

We would like to invite you to audition for the short film “DEATHLESS.” Please read all instructions below.

Taping Quality: We need to be able to see and hear you clearly. Please shoot on a plain, well-lit background. Your frame should be chest up. If shooting on a phone, shoot horizontally. Please use a reader!

Slate: At the end of your file should be a slate. Include your name, height, current location, and if you are a local hire to Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. Follow with a quick full body shot.

All scenes should be in one file - followed by your slate.

Label File: FirstName.LastName.ROLE.Agency

As a reminder, this is a SAG-AFTRA project with deferred pay of $125/day, and a guaranteed $100 gas stipend. The final product will be used as a proof of concept for a feature length film.

We look forward to seeing your tape!

Thank you,

Kayla Gibson

Casting Director, “DEATHLESS”


Title CIPHER "The God View" (Additional Roles)



Draft: 12/17/18

Producers: Allison Miller, David Gordon Green, Brandon James

Director: Peter Hoar

Writer: Allison Miller

Casting Director: Erica Arvold

Casting Associate: Meghan Apostoles

Casting Assistant: Morgan Landers

Start: 3/18/19

Location: Atlanta, GA

STORY LINE: ASA BEREK's brain is implanted with top secret technology that allows a direct interface between the brain and computers. Because he has the same DNA as his recently deceased mother for whom the technology was developed, he is the only one on the planet with the highly sophisticated, one-of-a-kind implant - and governments will do anything to get it. Asa also has the ability to do extraordinary things - and perhaps, save the world...


Role Description Mid 60s to 70s, a real Texan, Hal is John Berek's father and Asa's grandfather. A rancher, he's rugged and tough - but he's also a perceptive and caring father. He thinks that John needs to take a harder line when dealing with Asa...SERIES REGULAR (17)

Audition Instructions


We would like to invite your actor(s) to audition via self tape for CIPHER.

Tapes should be submitted via Ecocast.

Tapes are due no later than Friday February 22, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST, but as soon as possible is always best. Only if you are unable to submit via EcoCast, you may send tapes (in a secure & downloadable format) to arvoldcasting@gmail.com.


Sides are available for agents on www.sidesexpress.com and for actors on www.showfax.com. To get the sides, click on the appropriate region, and then enter the code AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE in the box marked SIDES CODE FIND.

The sides code for CIPHER is: C2912

When accessing the sides, you will be prompted to enter a “Watermark” with the actor’s name. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR THIS PROJECT and EACH ACTOR should have a separate watermark on their sides for security purposes.

If you have any questions or to request sides directly please email arvoldcasting@gmail.com. Please read and follow the detailed taping and slating instructions below.




The tone of this show is authentically human. These characters should feel like real people in realistic situations. We are looking for performances that are truthful, nuanced and grounded in the world of the show.


All actors should use a reader for their self tapes. Please do not submit self tapes where actors read their lines and have no one reading the other lines opposite them. The reader does not have to be a professional actor. We find that having a reader establishes connection and greatly improves self taped auditions.


SLATING INSTRUCTIONS - Please read and follow completely

1. In a close up shot (head & shoulders framing), please state:

a. Name

b. Height

c. Home Base (City & State)

d. If under 18 years old, please state your age.

e. Availability for outside shoot dates of March 18 - April 4, 2019

2. Zoom out to a quick full body shot (no more than 2 seconds)



- Please keep in mind that production value of self tapes is important. We need to be able to see and hear you clearly. Pay attention to lighting and sound quality.

- Shoot audition against a solid ­neutral colored backdrop or wall.

- Please use head and shoulders framing (medium shot) for auditions.

- Please make sure we see your eyes and thoughts throughout the scene.

- Please submit your slate and audition scenes as SEPARATE files.

- Files should be titled accordingly “Firstname Lastname ROLE Sc #”

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at arvoldcasting@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Meghan & Morgan


Happy Oscar Night Everyone! The Oscars have once again fallen on my BIRTHDAY! I hope that is a sign of things to come!



Union: SAG-AFTRA Pending Low Budget

Producer: David Wulf

Director: Vaughn Stein

Writer: Matthew Kennedy

Casting Director: Brandy Goleman

Start Date: 03/04/2019

Rate of Pay: SAG Low Budget Scale (+10% agency fee)

Location: Birmingham, AL

Story line: When the patriarch of a wealthy and powerful political family passes away, he leaves his daughter with a secret and malignant inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives and everyone around them.

Role Name JUDGE

Role Description Any ethnicity, any gender, 50s-60s. A very by-the-book trial judge. The trial judge who is overseeing/hearing the Thomas Riendorff case. (4 lines)

Audition Instructions

You have been invited to audition for the role of JUDGE, for the feature film, INHERITANCE!

Please pay close attention to the deadline. Leave yourself enough time to upload your audition as there will be no time for extensions.

Please note that you MUST WILLING TO WORK AS A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, LOCAL HIRE, in order to be considered for this role.

AUDITION NOTE: This film is being shot for New York state. Please provide two takes. One in a New York accent/dialect, and one in a neutral American accent. NO SOUTHERN ACCENTS! Please make the NY take grounded and real. No over the top accents or dialects.

Talent should create one file for each take of scene (if there are multiple scenes), with their audition at the front and their slate at the end. Two takes per scene, if there are multiple scenes. Label them as noted below.

Your slate should state your name, your height, and your location, as well as your agreement to work local hire. Each slate should also include no more than three seconds of a full body shot. NO PANNING ON BODY SHOT.

All auditions should be shot horizontally, with clean sound, medium focus (chest up), and adequate lighting.

Any auditions failing to adhere to these requirements will not be considered.

Label the single file, as follows: NAME_ROLE_SC1_TK1 ( then on to SC2_TK1 or SC1_TK2, if you have additional scenes, as necessary)

Thank you and good luck to each and everyone of you!


Title: TED K


Casting Director: Amy Hutchings and Heidi Eklund

Audition Instructions

This is a biopic about Ted the Uni-bomber. It has shot mostly in Montana and has come to the Hudson Valley to finish filming. We are casting LOCALLY to Hudson Valley of NY.

And a reminder that if booked this is sag-aftra low budget scale ($630 per day) LOCAL self-report (no holds, no transport, no per diem, no accommodations).

NO VERTICAL VIDEOS (make your device like a movie screen... TURN IT TO LANDSCAPE).

For the read, be sure to frame yourself so that your head and shoulders fill the frame and there isn't clutter behind you.

Your slate should state your name, your union status and your city and state.

DO A FULL LENGTH SHOT (DON'T do turns, keep it simple and short we want to see you from the FRONT from head to toe THAT'S IT).

We'd like to see you for the role of ***EARTHFIRSTER/COLIN - Here’s who the character is based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLaHF-e23H8 This is almost a documentary style...not polished, not perfect but honest and real.

****first part of this audition is to get this interview as close to this as possible... not asking for an impression though... we want his passion, his essence, his point of view, his way of thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLaHF-e23H8

here is the text for that...

Well if I was a rich republican pulling down a hundred thousand dollars a year as an executive director of the sierra club or National Wildlife Federation I would call earth firsts terrorist too. I am surprised they haven’t claimed we get our money from Momar Kadafe. The simple fact of the matter is is that there is terrorism in the national forest out in the wilderness, but the terrorists are the national forest service, the us park service, and their ah corporate masters. All we’re doing is trying to become part of the wilderness, and acting in our own self defense. That’s not terrorism, that is the common right of every good American.

Sides are attached, please keep them private and shred when finished.

SEND YOUR AUDITION ASAP... we are eager to get this cast

Jump at the sun! (replaces break-a-leg).


Heidi and Amy




Venue: The Access Theatre

Union: AEA

Producer: Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre

Artistic Director: Mary Candler

Director: Emily Lyon

Casting Director: Mary Candler

Audition Date(s): 02/09/2019

Callback Date(s): 02/10/2019

Rehearsal Date(s): 03/01/2019

Opening Date(s): 04/10/2019

Closing Date(s): 04/21/2019

Rate: $350 stipend / AEA Showcase

Location: New York

Breakdown Additional Notes Story line: Mary Stuart is the classical play of the moment. We are thrilled to bring the two most powerful women of the 17th Century to the stage in this complex and moving story as they confront the reality of being a woman in a man's world. The play gives us the opportunity to examine the expectations of femininity and the challenges of peerlessness amid a deeply divided society.


Role Description 35 to 65 years old, all ethnicities male. Proud, strong, kind. Though deeply opinionated and partisan, Paulet will not abide cheating or underhandedness. A passionate knight and former ambassador, Paulet is willing to challenge anyone he distrusts – no matter whose side they're on.

Audition Instructions

Hello! Thank you so much for submitting your materials for Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre's upcoming production of "Mary Stuart" at the Access Theatre in Manhattan.

To be considered, please complete a self-tape of the attached PAULET side by this Friday at noon. No dialect required (standard american).

We will be bringing people in based on this material on the afternoon of Saturday, February 9th.

Thank you for your time and talent.


Mary Candler

Artistic Director

Audition Deadline Friday February 08, 2019 @ 10:00 AM (PST)




Producer: Adele Romanski, Sara Murphy

Writer/Director: Eliza Hittman

Casting Director: Salome Oggenfuss

Start Date: February / March 2019 - Exact Dates TBD

Rate of Pay: SAG-AFTRA LB Scale

Location: NY & PA

Story line: Faced with a crisis pregnancy, Autumn, a teenage girl in rural Pennsylvania, realizes she has no options. Risking everything, Autumn and her cousin Sidney hop a Greyhound bus on a long, expensive and distressing pilgrimage to New York City to try and find an abortion clinic.


Role Description: MALE. 30's-80. All ethnicities. Man wearing glasses, walking in a hurry in Port Authority.

Casting Director: Salome Oggenfuss


I apologize for missing a Thanksgiving wish to all of you. I was out of the country! So, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday season and a joyful and prosperous new year! Things seem to be moving in a better direction for America and soon, we will have our country back from the traitors who currently inhabit the seats of power! We can only hope that will happen soon!


KATZ KASTING - Video Audition Request.

Please do a Video Audition to continue with this casting!

PROJECT: Narrow Road - TV Series / Pure Flix

Ep #5-6 shot in Houston, TX

Ep #5 (Nov 26-29)


If your sides are less than 2 pages please do 2 or 3 different reads (back to back) changing something each time.



Katrina Cook

Casting Director




Good People Casting

Audition Time: 09/27/2018 12:15 PM

Role Name: Vintage Irish American Faces

Run/Usage: National Broadcast, Internet, Foreign, Theatrical and industrial, Dealer and Simulcast. SOME ROLES ALSO FOR HISPANIC MARKET. Please see doc attached.

Rate: SAG Scale

Description: Really interested in great faces here! Must look vintage 1928 first generation Irish American.

Wardrobe: timeless attire. plain clothes, nothing that tells us you're living in these or any particular time. no makeup, no hair product.

Casting Director: Good People Casting

Audition Location: Good People Casting

Audition Address: 6103 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038



Union SAG-AFTRA New Media

Production Company: Sipplets LLC

Producer: Francisco Orvañanos

Directors/Writers: Various

Casting Director: Matthew Lessall, CSA

Pay Rate: $300/day

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Start Date: October/November 2018

Breakdown Additional Notes I am committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.

Role Name ACTOR 6

Role Description 61 and over.

Audition Instructions:

Zathom is looking for actors to integrate themselves and their personal life experiences into the Zathom creative media platform. From actors generating their own content, Zathom creatives will work with the actor to merge the written word and visual presentations that the actor generates into unique stories (fictional or nonfictional life stories) to be shared on the Zathom platform.

For the purposes of discovering who Zathom would like to work with, you are being asked to self-tape a modern monologue that will be no more than 3 minutes in length.

Zathom Videos will select actors to come to a paid day in the studio where they will work with the various directors and writers in a workshop environment to explore, extrapolate and discover the connections between the spoken word, movement, and video imagery. This day of work/workshop will be paid at the rate of $300.00 per day (no more than an 8-hr day). There is a possibility that some work may take more than one day depending on the project size, director’s and writer’s interactions with the actor.

This will be under a SAG New Media Agreement. You do not need to be SAG to be hired.

All “roles” are open to all ethnicities without regard to disability, mobility, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You must legally be allowed to work in the United States to get hired.




Producer: Mark Swinton, Will Areu

Associate Producer: Carole Wurst

Director: Tyler Perry

Writer: Tyler Perry

Casting Director: Rhavynn Drummer

Audition Date(s): 09/04/2018, 09/05/2018

Start Date: 09/07/2018

Rate of Pay: SAG Scale + 10%

Location: ATLANTA, GA


Role Description 55 to 75 years old, all ethnicities male. Judge Modine and Veronica have a history. He's very flirtatious with her and she's used him to sway things her way in the past. She reaches out to him for a favor to help dismantle a mutual enemy.

Audition Instructions:


Rhavynn Drummer would like for you to submit a self-tape for Season 7 of Tyler Perry's "THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS�. The sides can be found on Show Fax/Sides Express.




Project Description: Seeking seasoned male Actors with unique, memorable character faces age 40 plus to play political representatives of the countries listed below. We require performers who can render a credible, authentic accent for each country. When making your submissions, please make a note of the foreign accent AND language capabilities of your client. All roles are supporting roles.

The countries represented are:










Casting Director: Francine Maisler

Casting Associates: Kathy Driscoll-Mohler, Molly Rose, Amber Wakefield

Dates: January 2019

Location: Vancouver


I have been submitting like crazy, but no bites this month! Just KEEP SUBMITTING!

Also, please keep the 565 children who were torn away from their parents, 26 of them UNDER 5 YEARS OLD, in your thoughts. Don't let time and Trump CRAZINESS make you forget! NEVER FORGET the CRUELTY of this ADMINISTRATION!!!


Title Miles Underwater

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Producer: Jhennifer Webberley, Jen Prince, Will Underwood

Director: Jen Prince

Writer: Colette Freedman, Brooke Purdy

Casting Director: Colette Freedman

Start Date: 07/06/2018

Rate of Pay: SAG- Ultra Low Budget

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Story line:Thirteen-year-old son Miles is struggling to find where he belongs. One ordinary day, a near death experience forces him to face his biggest fear and take a leap of faith which will change his life forever.

Role Name: WILL

Role Description: (50-70) The owner of a farm, Will is kind, compassionate and intuitive. He is voice of reason and Miles's boss.

Audition Instructions: We are in the middle of shooting our feature Miles Underwater in San Antonio and we are looking to recast a major role. Two strong scenes. MUST BE LOCAL SAN ANTONIO HIRE. Sag or Non Union okay. There is pay. Please audition with sides ASAP. Role shoots between July 13 and 17


I just want to take a minute to thank all veterans for their service and to light a candle for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our liberty. All of you are heroes! And though I do not agree with the man politically, I want to give a special shout out to Senator John McCain. 67.7 MILLION Americans KNOW you are a hero!

On another note, I received an email from one of the shows I had submitted for!

Thank you so much for submitting to be a member of "The Show That Shall Not Be Named". We'd love to know more about you - please send us a 1 min (approx) video introducing yourself and your improv and Harry Potter experience to ShowThatShall@gmail.com. We can't wait to hear from you. Thanks again!

My submission: https://youtu.be/itzsX17CUI0


My acting mentor and friend, Donald Blaise Eitner, passed away on Friday, March 16th. Don was an exceptional Actor, Director, Artist and Teacher. But most importantly to me, he was my friend. He is already sorely missed.




Notes: Project will film in Northern area of Minnesota.

Producer: Lexi Giovagnoli

Director: Michael Kampa

Director Of Photography: Kyle Moe

Casting Director: Elizabeth Snoderly

Start Date: 04/02/2018, 04/27/2018

Rate of Pay: Modified SAG rate

Location: Minnesota, USA

Story line: STORY LINE: Trapped in her abandoned school in a blizzard with a trio of thieves, with her janitor friend RAY tied up and in danger, IZZY must use her brains and her bravery to outwit the wily bad guys and engineer a happy ending -- just in time for Christmas...

Role Name: CHRIS

Role Description: 60 to 80 years old, all ethnicities male. Male who resembles Santa Claus. He is a pleasant looking delivery guy. Must Be SAG/AFTRA.

Audition Instructions

Hi, We would like to consider you for the role of Chris in the film, Christmas Break In. Filming in Duluth, MN in April. Can you please send a video audition? Sides are attached.


Breakdown Title: ONE HAND CLAPPING

Breakdown Union: SAG-AFTRA

Breakdown Casting Director: Karen And Ashley Hallford

Audition Dates: 02/17/2018, 02/18/2018

Callback Dates: 02/24/2018, 02/25/2018

Start Date: 03/26/2018

Rate of Pay: SAG Mod Low $335/day or $1166/week

Location: Austin, TX

Story line: A glimpse into the subtle, but intense possibilities of the human spirit, this metaphysical drama encompasses the powerful themes of life, death and rebirth within the subtext of aging parents, sibling rivalry, and the possibility of reincarnation. Old, unresolved issues spring forth when three grown brothers return to their small Texas home town to face their bitter father, who is slowly approaching death. A terrible tragedy buried thirty-five years in the past has set in motion a chain of events which the present seems completely unable to change. Most of film takes place in a small town in Texas in the 1990's, with various flashbacks to 1950s and 60s.

Role Name: DR. WATERS

Role Description: 65 to 70 years old, Caucasian male. Family doctor for Ward's family. Has cared for the three boys as they grew up, and now cares for Frank in his hospice care.



Role Name GILLES

Role Description Male, 50s, French, with an authentic accent, charactery, warm, kind, a good man, owns a cafe in Paris, where Sam works as a dishwasher. Gilles grows increasingly concerned about the isolated, paranoid Sam, and urges him to make some friends and find a nice girl. Gilles is saddened by Sam's downward spiral, but he gives him the money to go to L.A. to pursue his girl...SUPPORTING (23)

Casting Director: Sylvia Denise




Draft: 9/30/17

Producer: Andrew Levitas, Allan Loeb, Stephen Israel

Director: Colin Krisel and James Krisel

Writers: Colin Krisel and James Krisel

Casting Director: Barbara Fiorentino

Casting Associate: Terese Classen

Casting Assistant: Jacqueline Gallagher

Location: Virginia

Start Date: Mid-late January

Role Name GILLES

Role Description Male, 50s, French, with an authentic accent, charactery, warm, kind, a good man, owns a cafe in Paris, where Sam works as a dishwasher. Gilles grows increasingly concerned about the isolated, paranoid Sam, and urges him to make some friends and find a nice girl. Gilles is saddened by Sam's downward spiral, but he gives him the money to go to L.A. to pursue his girl...SUPPORTING (23)

Casting Director Fiorentino Casting

-------------------------- AND THIS ONE! ----------------------------------

YES, GOD, YES (20 Roles--Actors Access)


Director/Writer: Karen Maine

Producer: Katie Cordeal, Colleen Hammond, Karen Maine

EP: Maiden Voyage

Georgia Casting Director: Erica Arvold

Georgia Casting Associate: Meghan Apostoles

Georgia Casting Assistant: Morgan Landers

Outside Shoot Dates February 11 - March 7, 2018

Rate: SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Budget

Location: Atlanta, GA

Role Name PRIEST

Role Description This old, balding Catholic priest delivers a sermon at Sunday Mass in a monotone...1 line, 1 scene (5)

Casting Director Erica Arvold


I have been so sad this year to think of all of the hatred and divisiveness that the Trump regime has brought to America. I think that this year, we need to cleanse ourselves of the stench of Trump and the filth he has brought into his administration. We the people will rise from the swamp in which Trump has mired the country and take back democracy! #RESIST


November 22nd, 1963... I was in third grade just about to go out to recess. My teacher stopped me and said "Bruce, go out to the flag and lower it half way." When I asked why, she said "Because our president is dead." and she broke down in tears. I remember standing there crying with her and hugging her for a little while. Then, I went down to the flag pole and lowered the flag half way... It was a very sad day...



Callback Time: 10/16/2017 11:30 AM

Role Name: #8 NICK (OCP)

Run/Usage: 1 year, US only (see attached document for details)

Rate: SHOOT $600 +20% BUYOUT $3500 + 20% (see talent outline)



Casting Director: Dowd/Roman Casting

Callback Location: Dowd/Roman Casting

Callback Address: 200 S. La Brea Avenue (Next to Petco) Los Angeles, CA 90036

Eco Cast� Title: Jim Egan Heritage Minute

Eco Cast� Union: ACTRA Route Eleven Productions

Eco Cast� Producer: Peter Lilly, Ryan Tremblay

Eco Cast� Director: Stephen Dunn

Eco Cast� Casting Director: Tamara Shelley

Eco Cast� Audition Date(s): 10/18/2017

Eco Cast� Callback Date(s): TBD

Eco Cast� Start Date: Mid November

Eco Cast� Rate of Pay: IPA scale

Eco Cast� Location: Toronto

Eco Cast� Story line: Jim Egan's fight for same sex marriages


Role Description 65 to 75 years old, Caucasian male.

Casting Director Tamara Shelley

Audition Instructions

All actors are to read the lines as a monologue style, it is written as V/O, but we want to see the facial, expressions that go along with the lines. Video tape starting full body and then to half body. All actors are reading the Jim Egan v/o lines. Have them watch Jim loves Jack, The James Egan story, https://vimeo.com/137426305, for a better understanding.


Thank you for your interest in Please Go Gentle Into That Good Night! We would like to invite you to audition this Thursday, October 5, during the time listed on Breakdown Express for the role of FRANK.

The audition will take place at the Magnet Training Center, 22 W 32nd St, 10th fl, Room A. Please arrive ten minutes early and bring a copy of your headshot.

Your sides are on Showfax. Please read the sides listed as "FRANK Sides." You are allowed to bring the sides in with you and we will also have copies for you. Please also prepare a short, 1-2 minute comedic monologue for the audition.

Rehearsals will be Tuesday, October 10 to Friday, October 13, and Monday, October 16 to Friday, October 20, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rehearsals will take place at the Magnet Theater Training Center. Not all actors will be needed at all rehearsal times. We will do our best to be respectful of your time and call you when needed. While we expect our actors to attend every rehearsal, we understand you may have some pre-existing conflicts or an emergency that comes up. Please let us know if you have any conflicts with the rehearsal dates or times above. You will be paid a $400 stipend.

Tech rehearsal is Monday, October 23 (time TBD), and dress rehearsal is Tuesday, October 24 (time TBD).

Shows will take place at The American Theatre of Actors, 314 W. 54th Street, Wednesday, October 25 - Saturday, October 28, call time 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 29, call time 1:00 p.m.

Please respond to this email to confirm your audition time and availability for all rehearsals and shows, and do not hesitate to email with any questions.

We're very excited to meet you and look forward to your audition! Thank you again for your interest in our show!


Magnet Training Center

22 W 32nd St

10th Floor, Room A


Check the time scheduled on Breakdown Express.




The So Amayzink Team

Oona, Alan, Michael


Audition Time Notification

Hello Bruce Basil Mathews

You've received a audition time from your agent Jerry Pace Agency. Agency Note:

Sides are posted on Casting Frontier or by emailing (or for questions): rgcastingcompany@gmail.com. Going Thursday, 21st from (12pm-1:50pm) and (3pm-5:40pm) won't see anyone not in the time frames. We are also seeing people Wednesday from (1pm-5:40pm) and Friday from (12pm-2pm) and (3pm-5pm) if you need another day.

Audition Information

Date: 09/21/17 Time: 5:15PM

Location: CAZT / RENEE GARCIA CASTING 916. N. Formosa Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

General Notes: Sides are posted on Casting Frontier or by emailing (or for questions): rgcastingcompany@gmail.com. Going Thursday, 21st from (12pm-1:50pm) and (3pm-5:40pm) won't see anyone not in the time frames. We are also seeing people Wednesday from (1pm-5:40pm) and Friday from (12pm-2pm) and (3pm-5pm) if you need another day.

Role Name: RILEY

Attire: Casual

Role Details: He is a retired 'NAM PILOT who is good natured, a host a weekly booze and gab fests for his close friends including G.T who are also all ex Nam Pilot�



Here is my audition tape for the play, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in the role of Matt Drayton for the SAVANNAH REP NYC FALL 2017 AUDITIONS! Wish me LUCK!!!


I had a new audition in Los Angeles yesterday evening!

Project Title #NOFILTER (9 Roles)


Project Description 60-70s. Male. This old man looking for a "date" shows up after Cy catfishes him online, pretending to be a young girl...SUPPORTING

SAG-AFTRA - New Media

Production Company: Hyde Park Entertainment, Gun Powder and Sky, The Machine

Executive Producer(s): Van Toffler, David Harris, Priya Amritraj, Addison Mehr

Producer(s): Ashok Amritraj, Kevin Herrera, Rawn Erickson

Director: Scott Coffey Writer: Logan Burdick

Casting Directors: Jessica Sherman

Start Date: 7/24/17 (18 days)

Location: Greater Los Angeles Area (MUST be LA local hire)

Additional Notes STORY LINE: In this modern-day twist on the Cyrano tale, our Cyrano "Cy" Berger has a lot to offer the world - but high school pressures can make it hard for a guy like him to realize it. Falling for the new girl, Roxy, Cy realizes he's competing with Chris, an uber-popular bro who doesn't get the nuance of art and literature - things that Cy and Roxy both enjoy. He agrees to help Chris win Roxy over by reinventing Chris' social media image but, of course, this only lands Cy in deeper trouble...


I went to several "computer shows" in a row and was able to deliver a large quantity of new material effectively. Much of what my computer work involves has occurred and been developed on the internet and is "cloudified". Some of the techniques and applications applied to writing software now were created AFTER I stopped writing code! So, it becomes a fun learning experience! THREE MORE YEARS!


Eco Cast� Invitation Details

Eco Cast� Title House Trained Mr. Johnson 1

Breakdown Title HOUSE TRAINED


Casting Director Shannon Reis

Audition Instructions

House Trained

Ashton and her beloved, but mischievous dog House engage in an adventurous evening when two men try and rob her home.

Role: Mr. Johnson (The next door neighbor)

Deadline for submissions: 3/21/2017 8 PM EST

Shoots in Atlanta and Columbus, GA must work as a local hire.


Shannon Reis

Casting Director

Audition Deadline Tuesday March 21, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

Submit to Your audition has been sent.


Project Title: COUNTERPART, Episodes #106, (Re-release of PORTLY OWNER) "Act Like You've Been Here Before"





2 season order, 10 episodes


Draft: 1/19/17

Creator: Justin Marks

Exec. Producers: Justin Marks, Amy Berg, Morten Tyldum, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz, Bard Dorros, Keith Redmon

Director: Jennifer Getzinger

Writer: Justin Britt-Gibson

Casting Directors: Jeanne McCarthy, Nicole Abellera, Leslie Woo

Casting Assistant: Leigh Jonte

Start Date: 2/10 - 2/24

Location: Los Angeles and Berlin


Appointment with McCarthy/Abellera Casting on Fri. 2/10 at 11:00 AM.

Please reply to this message or call to confirm and review details.

(818) 501-8919

**PLEASE PREPARE ALL LINES IN GERMAN** We do NOT have a German translated copy available. All actors must speak Fluent German.**


We would like your client to come in to go ON TAPE WITH CASTING for the Starz series "Counterpart".

This appointment is for FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th

The tentative work date for this role is WEDNESDAY 2/15 in Los Angeles

PLEASE EMAIL macastingassistant@gmail.com upon confirming with where the actor is based as well as his/her U.S. Citizenship/Green Card/Visa status and SAG/AFTRA status and ANY potential conflicts. ALL ACTORS MUST BE ABLE TO WORK AS A LOS ANGELES LOCAL HIRE.

With casting on tape for producers

- If your client(s) are unable to make this audition or are OUT OF TOWN, please REQUEST A RESCHEDULE or ALERT US IMMEDIATELY.

- If your client(s) are unable to make any of the reschedules, yes, they can SELF-TAPE by original appointment time.


- Sides are posted. Sides code is C8212. **PLEASE PREPARE ALL LINES IN GERMAN** We do NOT have a German translated copy available. All actors must speak Fluent German.**



McCarthy/Abellera Casting

1750 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 208

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Metered Street Parking - please read street signs carefully!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach Leigh at macastingassistant@gmail.com or at 310.396.1501.

Please confirm!


So, even if Jerry Pace is no longer a "franchised agent", I am continuing to retain his representation. Their new office location is now 8383 Wilshire Blvd Suite 800 in Beverly Hills 90211


Well, we have just elected a bigot, a racist, and a misogynist to the highest office in the land! He is busily surrounding himself with individuals of a like mind to run the country! I simply do not understand how someone so completely unqualified and inept will be representing the American people! Elections have consequences!


Role Name: Construction Workers

Project Name: Suburbicon (George Clooney Film) (BACKGROUND)

Rate: Standard SAG/AFTRA Rate

Project Type: Feature Film

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Casting In: Los Angeles

Gender: Male

Age Range: 25-50

Ethnicities: Caucasian

Role Description: MUST be SAG. Must be available for the tentative dates of Oct. 3rd, 5th, and 18th. MUST also be available this coming week of 9/19 for a fitting. Must have current photos ready to email. 50's pd look encouraged, especially with hairstyle. Please put in the notes that you are available for ALL dates. Thanks!


I would like you invite you to come audition for the role of �Chuck� for the feature film 'Cloudhopper'. The audition will be tomorrow, September 16th. To schedule your appointment, obtain sides, and get the address for the audition, please send a headshot, phone number, and the role you're auditioning for to castingsetup@gmail.com.

I look forward to your email.




Project: Untitled James Simmons Project (11 Additional Roles)

Please note that if you were asked to tape for the Officer to use the Security Officer's sides.

Role: Benny



Today I received a letter from SAG-AFTRA indicating that my current agency (The Jerry Pace Agency) which I have been with for more than TEN YEARS is no longer "franchised". So, I guess I am in the market for a new agent... 8^(


Just wanted to update all on the four year plan! In March of 2020, I will be headed to the Sundance Film Festival, followed by the Tribeca Film Festival and then on to Caan and Toronto for the two film festivals there. I will be offering my services to anyone who can use them. Hope to find something useful to do in the industry I love and have such a passion for participating in.


Just saw my good friend's film Gufors at the North Hollywood Cenifest! What a romp! Well written, well acted and well directed! kudos to all involved!


Tonight is Oscar Night for 2016 and despite the rash of harsh conversation and sensibility regarding the color of the Oscars, below are my predictions BEFORE the envelopes are opened:

Best Picture: The Revenant

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Best Actress: Brie Larson, Room

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Sylvester Stallone, Creed

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Animated Feature: Inside Out

Cinematography: The Revenant

Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road

Directing: The Revenant

Documentary(Feature): Winter on Fire

Documentary(Short): A Girl in the River

Film Editing: The Revenant

Foreign Language: Son of Saul

Makeup and Hair: Mad Max: Fury Road

Music(SCORE): Bridge of Spies

Music(SONG): Simple Song #3

Production Design: The Martian

Short Film(Animated): World of Tomorrow

Short Film(Live): Stutterer

Sound Editing: The Martian

Sound Mixing: The Martian

Visual Effects: The Force Awakens

Writing(Adapted): Room

Writing(Original): Straight Outta Compton


Today I submitted to multiple casting notices on Actors Access and on the LA Casting sites, something I have done many times before... It would be easy to become discouraged or to think "why bother"... Every time I start thinking that way, I just keep remembering "you NEVER know!" 8^)


Eco Cast� Title Inheritance - Isi & Morse Family

Breakdown Title INHERITANCE


Casting Director Samy Burch

Audition Instructions

Office is based in NY until January so this first round will have to be on tape. Will either cast off tape or have callbacks with the director (likely on 12/18).

Sides on Showfax/Sides Express.

Tapes due Tuesday (12/15) by 8pm EST / 5pm PST.

Email: samyburch@gmail.com with any questions at all.


Audition Deadline Tuesday December 15, 2015 @ 5:00 PM


Eco Cast� Invitation Details

Eco Cast� Title Nosferatu

Breakdown Title NOSFERATU


Casting Director Action Casting

Audition Instructions

Hi! Please record and upload in good light in a quiet room with another person reading the other lines off camera. Sides are attached and available on Showfax and Sides Express. All sides are two pages. The tone is heightened Dramatic/Stylized, Somewhat Shakespearian, or in the tone of "Gone with the wind", but not over the top!The PACE and TIMING should be QUICK AND ENERGIZED WITH FEELING, NOT SLOW AND DRAWN OUT PLEASE!!:-)

Thank you for submitting. This will be an amazing film!

Audition Deadline Sunday September 20, 2015 @ 7:00 PM


Eco Cast� Invitation Details

Eco Cast� Title LOVING TAPES #5 - Actors Access & GMail

Breakdown Title LOVING (31 Roles -- Actors Access)


Casting Director Erica Arvold

Audition Instructions


You have been selected to tape and post auditions for the assigned role(s)in the feature film LOVING.

Sides are available at www.showfax.com. Please click on the Southeast region. The sides code for LOVING is L9592


I received an EMAIL today from the SAG-AFTRA nominating committee telling me that I had forgotten to pay my dues for the current period! I immediately got on line and paid! Thank goodness! BTW, I owed $.16 for wages earned! 8^)


I just received my official card in the mail from the SAG Awards Nominating Committee for TV! I will be voting on the following categories! 8^)

- Male Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

- Male Actor in a Drama Series

- Male Actor in a Comedy Series

- Female Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

- Female Actor in a Drama Series

- Female Actor in a Comedy Series

- Ensemble in a Drama Series

- Ensemble in a Comedy Series

- Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series


I am SOOOO excited! I have just been nominated to serve on the SAG Awards Nominating Committee for TV! I am so stoked to serve! Remember: "IT ONLY TAKES ONE!" 8^)


It's Oscar Night! I am so excited! This is an event that I WILL attend at LEAST one time over the next five years! It only TAKES ONE! 8^)


Hi All,

It' me again! I have been submitting like crazy! But no bites or even nibbles to report! 8^( Guess I'll have to try harder! 8^)


Hi All,

Just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Prosperous New Year! Although this year has not been filled with many opportunities to practice my craft, I feel very fortunate for all of the blessings I have received. I know that good opportunities will come if I am just patient and persistent! Who knows, maybe it will happen today! 8^)


Hi All,

Just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Things have been rather slow on the audition front lately, but my day job has been going gang busters! I was sent to Paris, France for a conference and working at breakneck speed to make my new company, Mirantis, successful! I will, of course keep up my acting chops and stay in tune for the next audition! It's only a phone call or an email away! 8^)


Good evening,

We would love to see you for this project. This will be on tape for the director and EP to review. Please be prepared!

1. The sides are posted on lacasting.com AND sidesexpress.com, so you should be able to find them with no problem. Please download them from there and come with a headshot and resume.

2. Please confirm online promptly. Sorry this is on the weekend. If you cannot make your audition time feel free to self-tape and email it no later than Tuesday, September 30th to vanessa@dreambigcasting.com at 10am.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Thanks again!

Sherrie Henderson, CSA & Dan Velez, CSA

Sherrie Henderson & Associates



Sherrie Henderson & Associates

950 North Cahuenga Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90038


Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! I have taken the week off from my computer job this week. I am using the time to begin my memorization of the role of Lear in the play King Lear by William Shakespeare. Also, during my vacation, as I have done for the past fourteen years, I have done a mailing to all of the Casting Directors on current television shows that are not on hiatus. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!


Last week, I received a notice from a Casting Director looking for the voice of JFK for a commercial. I practiced the line "We will go to the Moon in this decade..." several times and then recorded it on the CD's message service! I hope John would have been proud of my rendition!


Yesterday, I got a call from a group doing a production out here in the Hi Desert. They are shooting a film on a very low budget and was asking if I wanted to participate. I was soooo tempted to say YES! The problem is, it is being filmed non-union. Although there are tricks that can be played, like listing me as an Executive Producer, or some other capacity on the film, and then working as an actor in the film, I simply cannot bring myself to take exceptions with the rules of my union, SAG-AFTRA, in order to work. I worked too hard to get my card and will in no way jeopardize my status! I have a plan! Six years from now, when I retire from my technology job, I will be heading to L.A. to audition for anything and everything union that I and my agent can find!


My Representation: The Jerry Pace Agency

My Rep's Phone: 818-783-4890

Audition Time: 05/13/2014 11:20:00 AM

Role Name: DAD

Run/Usage: UK Only (21 months) & Internet (1 year)

Rate: SAG Scale


MUST LOOK LIKE A REAL BRIT. (can really be British but doesn't have to be/NO DIALOGUE... ) Authentic. Interesting & Appealing.


Casting Director: broad-cast

Audition Location: broad-cast

Audition Address: 7461 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

DARN! I was in Atlanta, GA attending the OpenStack Summit! I HATE MISSING AN AUDITION!


Yesterday, my wife and I attended a performance at the University of California, Riverside main stage theatre. It was a One-Person show put on by my good friend, Eric Barr, who has headed the Theatre Department there for more than thirty years! The theme of his production focused on the life events he has been experiencing over the past two years. It has been an extraordinary journey filled with many medically induced obstacles. I was so glad to see that his indomitable spirit is still quite vibrant and has and is seeing him through! I admire him greatly!


Today my wife was watching the film, "Panic Room", starring Jody Foster. She asked me if I remembered who was in the film besides Jody. I named off Dwight Yoakam, Forrest Whitaker, and that other guy whom I could not name. She said, "He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor this year!". I knew right away it was Jared Leto!

I realized that "Panic Room" had been done in 2002. More than TEN YEARS from when he won for his terrific portrayal of Rayon in "The Dallas Buyer's Club"! It just reminds me that PERSISTENCE can pay off!



Should Win: American Hustle

Will Win: 12 Years a Slave <- A Political favorite


Should Win: Matthew McConaughy

Will Win: Matthew McConaughey <- Just BRILLIANT!


Should Win: Sandra Bullock

Will Win: Sandra Bullock <- but Kate Blanchett WON!


Should Win: Jared Leto

Will Win: Jared Leto <- Just freaking amazing! Thank god he won!


Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence

Will Win: Lupita Nyong'o - to follow the Best Film nod...


Should and Will Win: Frozen <- I helped them make this!

Loved It to Bits: Despicable Me 2 <- good work


Should and Will Win: Gravity <- He did it all!


Should Win: The Great Gatsby

Will Win: The Great Gatsby


Should and Will Win: Alfonso Cuaron <- hands down!


Will Win: Dallas Buyers Club <- Jerad's makeup was phenomnal!


Will Win: Gravity

Could Win: The Great Gatsby


Will Win: Let It Go


Will Win: 12 Years a Slave <- Politics at work again.

Should Win: Wolf of Wall Street


Should and Will Win: Gravity <- If Rush didn't win last year... you never know


Hi Bruce,

Thank you, you have a beautiful voice and your rendition was very moving. I'll forward your link to the director.

God Bless,


Perla Rodriguez

PearlRoads Studios

212 W. Nolana Loop

McAllen, Texas 78504

(956) 225-3141



Eco Cast� Invitation Details

Eco Cast� Title Moses - The Seven Hands Of God



Casting Director Perla Rodriguez

Audition Instructions To Our Fellow Actors,

Thank you for taking the time to prepare a submission for our project. Please complete your submission using the monologue attached. Director Knives Monroe has assigned you the monologue from the opening scene of his first movie Her Doppelg�nger. His writing style is dramatic, to say the least. Please be natural and have fun doing what you love.

The Deadline to submit is February 5, 2014 @ 11:59PM so that we can conduct call backs before the 10th.

Wish all you the best and again, Thank You


Audition Deadline Wednesday February 05, 2014 @ 10:00 PM


I was SO pleased with the results of the SAG Award voting! For the very first time, I picked all but TWO of the winners in every category! I totally thought that American Hustle should get the nod for Best Emsemble, I was also quite pleased that both MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY and JARED LETO won for their performances in The Dallas Buyer's Club. Jared had truly blown me away with his creation of the character Rayon. LUPITA NYONG�O certainly deserved the award for OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY A FEMALE ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE, though I also thought that OPRAH WINFREY gave an extraordinary performance in the film The Butler. BRYAN CRANSTON and the Ensemble definitely deserved to go out with a bang for Breaking Bad! I was also happy to see MAGGIE SMITH and JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS for Downton Abbey and Veep respectively. I had been hopeful that Rush would have taken the award for OUTSTANDING ACTION PERFORMANCE BY A STUNT ENSEMBLE IN A MOTION PICTURE. MICHAEL DOUGLAS looked great in sequence for Behind the Candelabra as did MATT DAMON. All in all, a very good year for films! It is on my Bucket List to attend this event!


Happy New Year! I hope that each and everyone who reads this experiences a joyful 2014! So, here we are with a whole year gone by without a role landed. You know, I could be discouraged, but instead, I prefer to focus on the fact that I had several very good auditions this past year. I am so looking forward to the new year and every possibility that it brings with it! In my mind, I only have six more years of working in the computer industry before being able to devote my time fully to landing jobs as an actor! You never know, it could happen sooner! 8^)


Well, it's past Thanksgiving and onto Christmas and New Years! I hope each and everyone of you have the happiest of holiday seasons! For me, it is a time to reflect and wait for my next opportunity to practice my craft. Sometimes it is hard to wait, but it beats the alternative! 8^)


Project: Daikin (air conditioner)

Date: September 26, 2013

Time: 12:10 PM

Location: Bill Bailey Casting (at ASG CASTING)

Address: 4144 Lankershim Boulevard, Suite 202, Studio City, CA 91602

Role Name: The Seeker

Role Description: Physique: In good health. NOT overweight or out of shape. Appearance: Please refer to pictures attached in one-sheet Salt and pepper hair A little hair on his head NOT completely bald. Wise man who travels. Shorter beard is preferred over a longer one; or willing to cut/trim. Blue eyes that really pop are preferred. Skin tone should appear leathery/tan rather than pale/white.


Project: The Gunfighter

Date: September 25, 2013

Time: 10:55 AM

Casting Company: Deming Casting

Role Name: Bill Jessup

Role Description: A troublemaker as a young man, Bill has grown more mild-mannered as he�s aged - but he can still mix it up when necessary. Think Whitney Ellsworth from �Deadwood.� PLEASE NOTE RECENT COMEDY AND THEATRICAL CREDITS ALONG WITH ANY FIREARMS TRAINING IN YOUR SUBMISSION.


My Representation: The Jerry Pace Agency

My Rep's Phone: 818-783-4890

Casting Company: Francene Selkirk Casting

Project: KMART

Date: September 18, 2013

Time: 2:05 PM


Run/Usage: National Network, Cable, Internet

Role Rate: SCALE



Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, 10:39 AM Pacific

Addendum to 8/16 10:14 AM

SNOWBIRDS (Four Roles)

Feature Film

SAG-AFTRA (SAG terms) - Low Budget

Producer/Co-Writer: Luke Jaden

Co-Writer: Cort Johns

Casting Director: Luke Jaden

Interview Dates: TBD

Callback Dates: TBD

Shoot/Start Date: June 2014


Location: Detroit, MI



Principal / Any Ethnicity / Late 30s-50s. He�s a scrap metal magnate who�s scary and dirty. He runs a tight crew that makes sure the metal that comes in the door is legit. A constant deal maker who makes it rain money. His scrap yard loads containers-full of metal onto freighters bound for China. STAR NAMES PREFERRED.

STORY LINE: An anti-coming-of-age thriller-esque about a teenager who sets out and tries to survive in the seedy underbellies of Detroit in the scrapping business.


Patience is one of those virtues that is the hardest for me to practice... When I haven't received a call from my agent Jerry Pace in a while and I haven't received many role notifications from ActorsAcces or LACasting for a while, I get VERY ANTSIE! But then I take a deep breath and say to myself "It's going to happen! Just be PATIENT!



Feature Film

SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Pending

Casting Director: G. Webb

Interview Dates: ASAP

Callback Dates: NA

Shoot/Start Date: 7/8-8/7

Pay Rate: $268/day flat

Location: Los Angeles, CA


(60-70) Male, AFRICAN AMERICAN, CAUCASIAN or HISPANIC, Owner of the town's beautiful forest and longtime resident, Mr. Barnes is a grandfatherly presence in the lives of the townspeople.


I was so glad to learn of the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and upholding the overturning of Prop 8 in California. Although I was both saddened and puzzled by the Supreme Court rulings regarding the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action, I am hopeful that we will all move toward equality for all Americans!


Project: Double the Life (60-Minute Feature Film)

Role: JIM


We really like your look for Jim the father. 1st round auditions will take place SAT June 1st in St. Louis, MO.

If you are available, please email: chrischifilm@gmail.com

Thank you.



The sheer joy of watching my granddaughter and grandson play soccer on a lazy Saturday is a truly uplifting experience. It reminds me of when I was free to play and have fun on those long summer days growing up in Inglewood, CA. There was always a pickup basketball game in the school yard across the street, or a soccer game being played at Darby Park only a bicycle ride away. Those were definitely the days!

Angel Casting - Your audition for the role of the the Homeless Guy in �Untitled Action/Comedy Series� is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd at 12:55 PM and will be held at our production studio in Sun Valley.

co Cast� Invitation Details




Casting Director Paul ODell

Audition Deadline Sunday March 10, 2013 @ 11:00 PM

Submit to Your audition will be sent directly to the casting director.

Just got my first audition of the new YEAR! Google/ VW INTERGRATION Industrial/ Internet at Susan Turner Casting in the role of Dog Breeder! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Quick comment on the Oscars: Very glad for Ben, Very sad for Tommy Lee, Very surprised by Chris!

Well, it's that time of year again and we have been watching all of the nominated films and documentaries getting ready to vote! We have watched Lincoln, Argo, The Sessions, The Master, Silver Lining Playbook and Les Miserable and are headed to see Zero Dark Thirty this weekend! I was sad to see that Eddie Redmayne was not nominated as we thought he did an excellent job! Hugh Jackman SOOOOO deserves something, but he is up against Daniel Day-Lewis who I believe will win! BIG Kudos to Ben Affleck for Argo, both acting and directing! He did a splendid job of both! Helen Hunt and Sally Fields were both incredible, but I think Anne Hathaway will come out on top! It might be a dark horse but I believe that Silver Lining Playbook was the outstanding screenplay! Alan Arkin was wonderful, but I hope that Tommy Lee Jones gets the nod!

I just added my newest headshots to the web site! I hope you like them!

FOR Pamela Frazier!

BRUCE BASIL MATHEWS, you have been invited by Pamela Frazier to submit an Eco Cast� audition.

An Eco Cast� invitation saves time, money, and the environment by letting you create a professional quality audition using the sides and direction provided by the Casting Director. When you have an audition you're happy with, upload the media file either to your Representative or to Casting, as directed.




!!!!!!!! ON TAPE FOR PRODUCERS !!!!!!!! Reading with Casting Director Howard Meltzer. Will be taped. If you cannot make the scheduled time, please come between 3:30-4:30pm; the Casting Director WILL NOT wait for you.


***There is NO SCRIPTED DIALOGUE for this role. Please see the posted sides for what is happening in the scene.


BRING: Please bring headshot/resume with you, even if you think we already have one.

SIDES: Available at Showfax and Sides Express.

GO TO: HOLLYWOOD CENTER STUDIOS 1040 N. Las Palmas Ave. Building 2 Los Angeles, CA 90038


Sides code is: T6782

Audition is for Friday, 9/28

Role will work between 10/1-5. Please disclose all M-F conflicts up front. Thanks.

Auditions are on tape with CDs: Katja Blichfeld and Jessica Daniels.




75 Rockefeller Plaza, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10104 (on 51st Street between 5th and 6th Ave)

**BRING PHOTO ID and check in with security in the lobby. Security will not allow anyone up without proper identification. **

My wife and I went to ALASKA for a whole TWO WEEK vacation! It was my first real vacation for more than five years! We visited many towns, and spoke and ate with the Eskimo people! We saw many Glaciers, Flora, Whales, Dolphins, Otters and Seals indigenous to the area! Also, while I was away, I got a call for an audition for a Feature Film, Vanished which was requested by Lindsay Chag Casting in Venice, CA! What a wonderful way to come home!

I FINALLY got my Hair Cut! After five years, I decided to cut my silver locks and donate my FIFTEEN INCH PONY TAIL to the Locks for Love program at Super Cuts in Apple Valley!

On Wednesday, August 1st, I was asked to audition for a new TV Series entitled Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland. The audition for a Co-Starring role, was held at Central Studios in downtown Los Angeles for Schiff/Audino Casting! I am so excited at the possibility!

One of my very special friends, Mia Fasio Truxaw, celebrated her 60th birthday at a theatre in Canoga Park. I was asked to participate in celebrating Mia's life story, filling in some details of our days at Immaculate Heart College almost forty years ago! I also participated in presenting scenes from Mia's play, Brother's Grimm, Sisters Wild, directed by Mia's son, John Truxaw, to celebrate the occasion! Happy Birthday, Mia!

I was asked to audition for a new Feature Film entitled The Librarian for the role of Nelson, an aging librarian in the Los Angeles library system! The director's name is Juan Feldman who has worked on many, many productions over the past TEN YEARS! The audition was held at Cazt Casting in Hollywood!

I FINALLY got another audition for Hallmark Cards in the role of Santa! The audition was held at Alice Horn Casting in Hollywood!

I know that some of my fellow professionals were not thrilled with the merger between AFTRA and SAG. However, since the merger has succeeded, let us make the best of the new situation. I have been a member of all three professional unions for more than eight years and look forward to any new opportunities to work that the joining of SAG and AFTRA may bring. Personally, I hope that eventually, SAG-AFTRA is joined by AEA to form one Actor's union with one mission, obtaining more work for its membership!

OMG! I just got calls from Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton asking me to take a leading role in their latest projects! Which one should I take? 8^)

I have just added a new version of my DEMO REEL to my web site. Please have a look at the new version! I would love to know your thoughts!

I have just added a new feature to my web site, a DEMO REEL Please have a look! I would love to know your thoughts! BTW, Happy Birthday to ME! 8^)

I had my first audition of the new year for the California Lottery in the role of Prospector! The audition was held at Kathy Knowles Casting in Santa Monica!(and I got to visit my son at the Nike Santa Monica store too!) What a TREAT!

Well, the ball is, once again, getting ready to drop on a prior year, and to be raised to celebrate a new one beginning! My family and I had a tough one, suffering the loss of several family members, but we also had an incredibly fortunate one too! My new job in the computer industry, working for Hewlett Packard, has ended up being an extraordinarily good move. They are sending my wife and me to the Bahamas in February as a reward for my hard work and effort. That sort of thing has not happened in my thirty plus years in the computer industry! On the acting front, I had a slew of both commercial and theatrical auditions for products like the iPhone, and Mercedes Benz and films such as We Bought a Zoo which was recently released! I just know that if I keep at it, the persistence will pay off! Some day, you'll be looking at your TV set, or watching a film at a movie theatre and you'll see my shining face! At that moment, please stand up and say, "Holy Moly! He did it!" 8^)

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you the very best of the holiday season! May all of you have a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate!(and a Jolly Ho-Ho to ALL!)

I just had an audition the role of SANTA in a commercial for a National Network, Wildspot, National Cable, Internet, Foreign, Theatrical/Industrial spot auditioned by AHC in Los Angeles on November 18th, 2011! Wish me luck (and a Jolly Ho-Ho!)

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all you Boos and Gouls out there a very Scary Halloween!

Also, I performed the role of Mr. Conklin in the AFTRA Radio Play, Our Miss Brooks, directed by Bob Telford! The performance was held at the Wells Fargo Theatre in Los Angeles on October 27th, 2011 in front of an audience of 200 viewer! I was SO excited to have been in such a wonderful production!

I auditioned for and have been CAST in the role of Mr. Conklin in the AFTRA Radio Play, Our Miss Brooks! The audition was held at AFTRA headquarters in Hollywood on October 7th, 2011 and will be taped on October 27th, 2011. I am SO excited!

I had another audition for the role of Santa for a RADIOSHACK commercial! The audition was held at broad-cast in Hollywood on September 13th, 2011. I find it so exciting to have the opportunity to be Ben Franklin one day and Santa Claus the next!

We remember the disbelief, fear and anger when we turned on the television to watch the morning news to see pictures of the North Tower burning! We remember watching the bravery of he first responders heading into harms way as the South Tower fell! We remember the moment when our free and open society was changed forever by a small band of extreme terrorists! We remember the sense of closure we felt when we learned OBL had been killed! We will NEVER forget! God Bless America!

For all those who toil in relative obscurity in this most difficult profession; for those who work at several other jobs just to have a chance at working in the profession we all love; for those who continue to strive through countless rejections seeking a chance to work, I wish you all a Happy Labor Day! For those who work continuously at this craft, I am in awe and wish you continuing success!

We just had our first table read for a new pilot prospect entitled PotStop, a new sitcom written by James Best, Sky Elobar and AJ Smitrovich and directed by Bradford May! I have been asked to play the part of Keith, the proprietor of the facility. The cast is a wonderful mix of characters, the director is terrific and the writing is extraordinarily funny! I am so looking forward to shooting the first few scenes later in September!

I went on another commercial audition at the Casting Underground in Hollywood for the Bravo Health Channel on August 4th for the role of Bike Shop Owner! Wish me luck!

Today I finally dragged my web site into the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook age! This only proves that you can teach old technology dogs new tricks!

I went on another commercial audition at Armstrong Casting in Hollywood for the VW Beetle on July 7th for the role of Old Faded Hippie! I certainly fit the part 8^) Wish me luck!

Happy 4th of July! I hope that each and every one of you are able to spend time with family and friends in celebration of our independence as a nation! We live in very interesting times with attitudes and divisive ideology dominating the political and social landscape. I hope that beyond the rhetoric and ideological debate, we can take a little time to remember that we are all part of the same American community and work together to resolve differences and improve the quality of life for all! Happy 4th!

It's Father's Day tomorrow! I would like to wish all you fathers out there a very happy day filled with the love of children and family. I always feel a bit sad on Father's Day... My own father passed away when I was so very young that I do not ever remember celebrating that day in any other way than to go to the cemetery and clean off my father's head stone and say a "Hail Mary" or two, a ritual I still try to practice when I can... Actually, I guess it's not such a bad way to remember him, as I do with great fondness! Happy Father's Day!

I have another audition scheduled for the role of Harold in an on-line Mockumentary entitled Unicorn on Monday, May 16th for Tori Silvera Bush of Bad Girls Casting. Wish me LUCK! 8^)

I have an audition scheduled for the role of Amish Farmer in a commercial for Purolator Oil on Monday, April 18th at 20th Century Fox for Alan Hooper Casting. Wish me LUCK! 8^)

I had an audition scheduled for the role of Dr. Peter Martin in the film The Test on Sunday, March 20th. Unfortunately, I had to fly to Houston, TX the same day and had to leave before I could get in to do my audition! Too bad, really. I liked the script very much! 8^(

I had such a terrific time watching the Oscars last night! I hope all of you were as thrilled as I was that Mr. Colin Firth won for Best Actor and that the film The King's Speech won Best Director and Best Picture honors as well! I had really hoped that Geoffrey Rush would have taken the Best Supporting award, but I am not unhappy that Christian Bale took home the honor! He definitely deserves the recognition for all of his fine work! I have made a promise to myself to, just once in my life, attend the Oscar ceremony! It would be my dream to be there with the hope of snagging one of those beautiful statues, but I'd be happy just to be there as a seat filler! 8^)

First, I would truly like to wish all of you a very Happy Valentines Day! I don't know how many of you saw the Chevy Volt commercial played during halftime of the Super Bowl game, but, there was a brief visual of Ben Franklin and his kite at the beginning of it that I had been auditioned for TWICE! Although I did not get the part, I ALMOST got it! Since auditioning, my wife, Lisa, has been calling me Bun Franklin! 8^)

Holy Moley! I got ANOTHER COMMERCIAL AUDITION for Jeep Grand Cherokee! The audition was held at Vickie Goggins Casting in Los Angeles! Please keep fingers and toes crossed for me... AGAIN!

Wow! I got ANOTHER COMMERCIAL AUDITION for Juicy Fruit Gum! The audition was held at Jason James Casting in Hollywood! Please keep fingers and toes crossed for me!

Wow! I got a SAG NATIONAL COMMERCIAL CALLBACK AUDITION for the Chevy Volt! Once again, the auditions were held at Lisa Fields Casting Cafe in West Hollywood! Please keep fingers and toes crossed for me!

Okay! I am officially on a ROLL! I got my ANOTHER SAG NATIONAL COMMERCIAL AUDITION for the Chevy Volt! The auditions were held at Lisa Fields Casting Cafe in West Hollywood! Please keep fingers and toes crossed for me!

I am sooooo excited! I got my FIRST SAG NATIONAL COMMERCIAL AUDITION for Pizza Hut! The auditions were held at Kathy Knolls Casting in Los Angeles! Hope I get it!

Wow! I got ANOTHER AUDITION for a new pilot TV series entitled Jon Benjamin Has A Van for the role of Wheelchair Scientist! The auditions were held at TypeCasting, Inc. in Los Angeles! This is my fifth audition for Mr. James Levine!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! I got another TWO auditions for a new pilot TV series entitled Jon Benjamin Has A Van for the roles of Retired Area 51 Scientist AND Old Gypsy Man! The auditions were held at TypeCasting, Inc. in Los Angeles! I ALSO got another audition for the film We Bought A Zoo for the role of Nathan who delivers feed to the Mee family Zoo! The film, based on a book by Benjamin Mee and directed by Cameron Crowe will star Matt Damon for 20th Century Fox! I am SOOOOO glad to have these opportunities! A Whole Lot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Wow! another AUDITION! I got an audition for a new pilot TV series entitled Jon Benjamin Has A Van for the role of Grizzled Pick-Up Driver! The audition was held at TypeCasting, Inc. in Los Angeles! I am so happy for another chance to practice my craft!

Wow! almost a year between auditions, but it was worth the wait for this one! I got an audition for the film We Bought A Zoo for the role of Ellis the Zookeeper! The film, based on a book by Benjamin Mee and directed by Cameron Crowe will star Matt Damon for 20th Century Fox! I also recently signed with agent, Skyler Elobar as my Commercial Agent! I am now up on L.A. Casting for Commercial work!

Well, I finally took the plunge! I have left my previous employer to join a new computer company,Hewlett Packard. My new position will allow me more time in Los Angeles to pursue my acting career more vigorously! Also, new on my web site, very soon, I will put up my new Actor's Slate on Actor's Access to assist in promotion by my agent, Jerry Pace with Casting Directors! I hope you enjoy viewing!

I have been sooooo busy with my day job in the computer industry for the past year that I have been neglecting to pursue my passions with the same vigor. Recently, I took a break from the computer gig and sent out mailings of my new headshots (the ones you see scrolling on my home page,) to both the Franchise and ATA agencies in Los Angeles, seeking new representation for Film, Television, Stage and Commercials. So far, I have received three responses requesting interviews!

Well, it's that time of year, again. Time to remember all of those brave people who have served, fought, and the many who died serving our country! They deserve extreme gratitude from each of us fortunate enough to live here! Politicians start wars. Soldiers end them.

Just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a very Happy Easter whether you celebrate for religious reasons, like bunnies, or just to want to eat some chocolate! Whatever your persuasion, I hope it was a happy day!

Last week, I received a phone call from Andrea Rueda, Casting Director for an Independant Film Company, Insomnia Pictures asking me to come in for an audition on Thursday for a co-starring role for a new T.V. pilot, working title INSOMNIUM. The role was that of Romanovsky, a Russian speaking landlord. I was, once agian, perfect for the role! So, I began the process of figuring out how to my entire schedule (working at my computer company) and intended to fly back from Phoenix to Burbank the next day to attend the audition! This time, before I could call them back, they called me again to reschedule to Sunday! Voila! no conflict! I attended the audition and was told I did an excellent job by the director, Scott Powers and producers, Ruby Cantu and Jeoff Hanser! C'est la vie aussi!

Last week, I received a call from my agent, Jerry Pace, (the first one in a while mind you) on Wednesday night telling me that I had an audition for April Webster Casting in a co-starring role for a new T.V. pilot UNDERCOVERS by Bad Robot Productions. The role was that of Henri, a French speaking Cryptographer, deciphering encrypted data for some Undercover Operation. I was perfect for it! So, I rearranged my entire schedule (working at my computer company) and intended to fly back from Phoenix to Burbank the next day to attend the audition! I got to the airport, checked my bag, got onto the aircraft, waited twenty minutes on the ground and then was informed that ALL flights in and out of Phoenix airport had been canceled due to whether. I got off the plane, called April Webster to let them know that I would be unable to attend my 3:00 p.m. appointment (they had rescheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to accommodate my travel...) I then called my agent to let him know... I then sat on the curb outside of the baggage area for Southwest Airlines and cried my eyes out for about an hour... Oh well, I keep telling myself that someone who needed the job more than me was able to get it as a result of my absence. C'est la vie!

I just want to take a minute to wish each and every one of you a very joyful holiday season and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

I have finally gotten my new headshots on line EVERYWHERE! You can view them from my new web site at: http://www.brucebasilmathews.com. I hope you like them as much as I do! They are quite different from my prior batch. A little more gritty and a lot more real! No more studio look!

I have now moved my web site to a new Internet Service Provider, Yahoo! My new web address is: http://www.brucebasilmathews.com. I Hope you will visit me there!

More excitement! The film The Human Contract written and directed by Jada Pinkett Smith that I had a small role was released on DVD by Sony Home Entertainment on June 30th, 2009 and is now available on Pay-Per-View on most cable services!

On August 3rd I received a call from my agent, Jerry Pace letting me know that I had an audition on August 4th for the Emmy award winning TV series, House, starring Hugh Laurie! Of course, I would have to be in Phoenix, ARIZONA at the time working my Day Job as a computer geek for PayPal when the call came in. Naturally, I dropped everything and made my plans to fly back to Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, to show up for the audition. There I was, sitting with a group of about ten other actors, all in Business Suites and Ties while I sat there in my khaki pants, knit shirt, and tennis shoes. Of course, I had forgotten to pack my headshots and resumes just for the occasion! but there I was, standing in front of Amy Lippins, the Casting Director, with all these thoughts running through my head! As a result, I probably did not read as well as I am capable of reading. Of course, spending most of my preparation time flying didn't help! Lessons learned. Be prepared, even when you are off doing your Day Job! You never know when the phone is going to ring with an opportunity!

On Monday, May 18th, I finally received a call for an audition, the first one I have had in quite a while. The audition was for the NBC Webisode, CTRL Z, a comedy in an office setting. I was auditioned for the role of Arthur Piller, CEO of the corporation. The show is directed by Rob Kirbyson and produced by Thomas Bannister. The two had teamed to create a movie short of the same name that won at the Vancouver Sundance Festival in 2008!

I am so excited! I just learned that the film The Human Contract written and directed by Jada Pinkett Smith that I had a small role in will be released on DVD by Sony Home Entertainment on June 30th, 2009!

Okay, it has been a while (about 4 months) since I have had an audition... I am getting crazy! I have started to carry around a sign that reads "Will work for audition!"

It has been a while (about 3 months) since I have had an opportunity to audition... I am getting antsy! I am currently in the process of getting new headshots taken. It has been about three years since my last set were taken, so it is time! They will be added to my current set on this web site when I have them. I have lost about thirty pounds, have allowed my hair to grow rather long, and have shaved my facial hair completely off. I hope this new look will stimulate some activity! I am constantly reminding myself that what I am attempting to do is not an overnight process. I am so looking forward to taking my next step in the endeavor to advance my career as a professional actor!

Ten years ago, I made a commitment to myself. I committed to the goal of becoming a professional actor. My ex-wife told me, at the time, that I was not good enough, and that she wasn't ready for me to try to do this! Leaving everything behind, I set about achieving my goal (less my ex-wife.) In the years that followed, I performed in many small, but critically acclaimed stage productions, countless movie shorts, produced, directed and acted in a production of Shakespeare's Othello at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, CA, and sent out thousands of mailings of headshots and resumes to agents, casting directors and production companies. From these efforts, I have been fortunate enough to have obtained an agent, Jerry Pace, The Dedicated Agency in Van Nuys, CA, obtained my Union card in the American Federation of Television and Radio Actors, AFTRA, for work on The Young and the Restless at CBS, earned my Union membership in Actor's Equity Association for performing in a production of First Monday in October at the Odyssey Theatre with Ralph Waite, and finally, obtained full membership in the Screen Actor's Guild, SAG by performing as an actor in Jada Pinkett-Smith's film, The Human Contract that aired at the Caan Film Festival last year. My new wife, Lisa, has lovingly been by my side for every step of this continuing journey. I sincerely hope that the division of our Union members over negotiations with the AMPTP will not make this actor's path any more difficult than it has been, but nonetheless, I will continue forward to reach my goal!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish each and every one of you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! 2008 was a year filled with hardships and some heartbreak (Literally!) But in the long run, we Americans are a resilient bunch and will get through this time together! Hemingway once wrote, "Life breaks all human beings. Some of us grow stronger in the broken places!" Now is our time!

Well, it appears that negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild and the AMTP (the U.S. Producers) are not going well. It seems as though issues with New Media have put a severe crimp in the give and take necessary for successful negotiations to occur... I sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved in a manner that both sides can accept! I am an actor. I love the craft of acting. I would love to be able to make my living as a performer. If a strike is called, I will support my union, but will truly miss every day that I cannot practice my craft; not just for the financial loss, but rather, because I love acting.

My dear friends, the film entitled The Human Contract directed by Jada Pinkett-Smith that I completed in November of last year was shown again at the Chicago Film Festival and once again got excellent reviews! I hope it will get a U.S. Distributor SOON!

My dear friends, never before in my lifetime has an election held so much importance! Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, please take the time on November 4th to make your voice heard! After all, we are all in this together!

Yesterday, I had an audition for the new Nickelodeon Television Series entitled, True Jackson, Vice President staring Keke Palmer that premieres in November. The part was none other than Nick, who was sort of a Saint Nick character! On the same day, I got an audition request for The Young and the Restless! 8^)

Yesterday, I had an audition for the Fox Television Series entitled, TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten which is in its second season. Originally, the Casting person, Francene Selkirk-Ackerman called me in to read for the role of John McCain, but when I arrived, she had me read for the part of Rupert Murdoch as well! During the audition, they asked me to do some very physical humor! I think I did a terrific job! 8^)

On August 17th, I had an audition for a Cable Television Series on the Cartoon Network entitled, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! for the role of Roger, a legal adviser and a small part as a Judge as well! The show, which centers around a fictitious company called Cinco that makes everything from soup to nuts, is entering it's third season and is being produced by Absolutely Productions in Hollywood. I am REALLY hopeful!

The auditions have have continued to come in at an accelerated rate! On Wednesday, I was asked to audition for the feature film Cut for the role of George, a gay theatrical agent! The film is directed by KC Grim, and written by Danielle Silvie Gershberg.

The auditions have begun again in earnest! Today I had an audition for a small part in the popular TV series Monk starring Tony Shalub. I also had an audition for an independent feature entitled Herpes Boy!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day! I hope you were able to enjoy it with your offspring. For the first time in his nineteen years of existence, my son, Aaron, actually bought me dinner! I was completely thrilled and proud of him! I hope all of you had similar experiences on the day! It doesn't take a lot to make us happy... does it? 8^)

The film, The Human Contract, written, directed and starring Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Executive Produced by Will Smith. will have a special non-competition screening at the Canne Film Festival on Saturday, May 17th, 2008 for select U.S distributors. I was fortunate enough to have played a small but significant role opposite Jason Clark in the film.

I think the Writers Strike must officially be over now. I just received a call from my agent, Jerry Pace and I have an audition on Monday. The audition is for the role of Dr. Paul Garrison, a Professor of Martial Arts in a film entitled Ninja for Casting Director Yumi Takada. I am incredibly excited 8^)

Well, here we are already in the middle of March! Hopefully, my medical issue is well behind me now and I am ready to perform in my next film! I hope all of you have a healthy and happy Saint Paddy's Day! Don't drink too much green beer 8^)

It is absolutely amazing to me how quickly things can change! In the blink of an eye, I was in my living room watching football and then suddenly in the hospital having a heart attack! This is how my January 12th went! o Fortunately, I was worked on by some real professionals at St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Room who saved my bacon! I am gateful to be writing this update to you 8^)!

Christmas has come and gone, and a New Year is almost here! I started thinking of all of the wonderful events that have taken place over the past year! My son, Aaron is doing well in his first quarter of college after finishing off high school with a flurry of athletic successes under his belt. My wife, Lisa and I have begun the remodel of our home, something that had been sorely needed for quite some time. The project is almost completed and should be beautifully finished over the next few weeks. I have had the opportunity to reconnect with many of my Australian family members and also been able to grow closer to the ones here in the States. On a personal note, I was cast in and completed shooting of my first major motion picture. The endeavor to achieve that has taken more than nine years; worth every minute of it! All in all, truly wonderful 2007! We here, hope that all of you there, have had a very merry holiday season and will have a happy and healthy 2008!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be on a set, in costume, filming on a major motion picture! On November 14th, 2007 I completed filming on Jada Pinket-Smith's new project, The Human Contract, for Overbrook Entertainment. The role of a mugging victim. Filming was conducted from 2:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. the following morning! An interesting thing happened after shooting. I had walked away from where we were shooting and asked the Transportation Captain if he would lend me a cigarette. The Captain said "Not today fella!" and walked away. The Assistant Director saw the exchange and told the Captain "Hey... that's Bruce... Our mugging victim." The Transportation Captain came back over to me and said "Holy shit! I thought you were a homeless guy who wandered onto the set!" and he gave me a cigarette. I guess the makeup was very authentic!

Some new auditions! On Tuesday, October 30th, I had an audition for an episodic, The Game,for the part of Mr. Henry, VP of Ecosystems for Home Depot. The show stars Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, and Wendy Rachel Robinson. The Executive Producer is Kelsey Grammer!

Some exciting news! On Thursday, October 4th, I got a call from my agent, Jerry Pace who informed me that I had an audition for a new feature film, The Human Contract, for Overbrook Entertainment. The audition was for the part of a mugging victim. There was only one written line, and I did my best! On the way home from the audition, I got another call from my agent, telling me that I had been called back on Friday. The director, Jada Pinkett-Smith was at that audition! On Monday, October 8th, at about 3:00 p.m., I was saying to myself "well, I got farther into the process that time!" when I got another call from my agent, who now indicated that I had been chosen to do the role! Filming will begin in mid-November! I am THRILLED!!!

On September 11th, the sixth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, I had an audition for the TV series, The Sara Connor Chronicles, set after the events depicted in the film Terminator 2. produced by C-2 Pictures! The following day, I had an audition for a Louis Lamore book on audio entitled The Diamond of Jaru! To cap off the week, I have now acquired my first three minute Demo Reel! Hopefully, it will bring more and more auditions and roles!

Sometimes situations arise that are simply beyond your control! Yesterday, I got a call from my agent, Jerry Pace, who told me that I had an audition scheduled today with Liberman/Patton for the show Las Vegas. Unfortunately, my "computer job" put me in a bunker in the middle of the Arizona desert all day! Normally, I would call in sick, fly back to LA and do the audition, but in this instance, I cannot take that tact. I guess the rule to live by is Do the right thing no matter what you lose to do it!. I look forward to my next audition!

Since joining the Jerry Pace - Dedicated Agency, I have been on several neat auditions for shows such as Boston Legal and a new NBC pilot, Chuck starring Adam Baldwin and scheduled to air in September! Keep your fingers crossed!

As of Jume 18th, 2007 I am now represented by Dedicated, Inc., The Jerry Pace Agency! Though I had been quite happy to have been represented by Michael Zanuck of Zanuck, Passion and Pace, I am delighted to continue to be represented by this new agency!

On June 2nd, 2007, my son, Aaron, participated in the first ever small high school CIF finals played at Dodger Stadium! It was an exciting game, which his LACES team won over Arleta High 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th inning when my son scored from first base on a hit to the outfield and slid under the catcher's tag! I still have no voice left from cheering!

On April 23rd, 2007, Mr. Mathews auditioned for the role of Homeless George for the Feature Film,The Portal, produced by Big Bad Wolff Productions. The Casting Director, Christine Joyce, indicated that she enjoyed the audition very much!

The film, Shining On, originally shot in 2003, directed by Jason Fenton and produced by Placer Films will be screened at the Swansea Bay Film Festival in Wales, United Kingdom, on June 7th, 2007. Mr. Mathews plays a clairvoyant who becomes possessed and is featured in the first twelve minutes of the film. Other films being screened include performances by Jim Belushi, Jon Cryer, Tim Curry, and Seymour Cassel.

Whether you view the Easter holiday as a time of religious activities or a time to hide eggs and hunt, I wish all of you a very happy and joy filled celebration of the event! I just received a clip of the feature film, Shining On, a Placer Films Production directed by Jason Fenton in which I played the role of a clairvoyant. The film is expected to be released to the festival circuit this year.

Several new movie clips were just added to the Photo Page of this web site. A Clip from Chosen Few where I played the Cult Leader and The White Room where I played a mysterious Man In Black. I hope you enjoy them!

Travel can be a wonderful, eye opening experience! My wife, Lisa, I and my son just returned from a trip through the Caribbean, touring Cozemel, Jamaica and Haiti from a port in Miami! We cruised on a magnificent vessel called Freedom of the Seas. The ship is sort of like being aboard a floating city, complete with malls, shops, fine restaurants and night clubs. The ruins of Mayan temples in Cozemel were spectacular and horseback riding bareback through the waves in Jamaica proved quite an adventure, too! I feel rested and ready to take on whatever acting challenge 2007 has to offer!

February already! So much progress in 2006! SAG membership, new agent, participating in Equity plays! All very good, positive steps! Moving into 2007, I have to keep reminding myself that professional acting is a lifetime adventure. Success is measured one audition at a time. Roles are earned with patience and persistence. There now, I feel better already 8^)

Well, here it is 2007! What a wonderful year 2006 had been! A great deal of momentum has preceeded my journey into the New Year! I hope that all of you out there in Cyber Space enjoy the same sense of progress and possibility in your lives and the lives of those you care about!

On December 1st, 2006, Mr. Mathews auditioned for the SAG Television Drama, ER for the role of Bennet Owens at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank for John Levey Casting. The hit series, now in it's twelfth season stars Linda Cardellini, Scott Grimes, Laura Innes, Parminder Nagra, Mekhi Phifer, John Stamos, Maura Tierney, Goran Visnjic and Shane West and is shot in Los Angeles.

On November 20th, 2006, Mr. Mathews auditioned for the SAG Television Comedy, My Name Is Earl for the role of Slow Roger at the office of Dava Waite Peaslee Casting. The hit comedy series stars Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Jaime Pressly, Eddie Steeples and Nadine Velazquez and is shot in Los Angeles.

On November 18th, 2006, Mr. Mathews auditioned for the SAG Feature Film, Rails And Ties for the role of Vince at Warner Brothers Studios. The film is to star Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden and is to be directed by Alison Eastwood and scripted by Micky Levy, The film will shoot next year in Los Angeles.

As of November 6th, 2006, Mr. Mathews is being represented and submitted for union theatrical work by Michael Zanuck of Zanuck, Passion, and Pace. Based on input from Michael, Mr. Mathews has completed taking several private classes with the acclaimed teacher, Daphne Kirby to refresh his auditioning skills and to work with Daphne on the marketing aspects of the business. Mr. Mathews is also taking classes with agent Steve Stevens, Michael Glodberg, and Debbie George, Casting Director for such shows as Desperate Housewives. The classes were held at the Actor's Performance Showcase in Hollywood, CA on September 28th, 2006. Additionally, Mr. Mathews has had a completely new set of headshots taken at the well respected studio of Dakota Photo in Palmdale, CA on October 3rd, 2006. Photos from the shoot can be viewed in the Headshots category on the Pictures section of this web site. Bruce is truly looking forward to being represented by such a well known and hard working agent!!!

I would like to wish everyone who happens to read this a very special wish for a peaceful and relaxing Labor Day spent with family and friends! This is truly a time to reflect on what the fruits of our labors has accomplished. In my case, it has been a year filled with new possibilities acquired by hard work and persistent effort. Nothing worth accomplishing can ever be obtained without these two factors!

On August 31st, Bruce met with an associate of Zanuck, Passion, and Pace regarding representation. Mr. Mathews is currently awaiting word as to whether a second interview with Michael Zanuck will be requested.

On July 25th, Mr. Mathews auditioned for the role of Hookbeard for Kathleen Harris for the AntiBody Films SAG project, Pirate Camp. The audition took place in Hollywood, CA. It was indicated at the time of the audition that Mr. Mathews would be called back to read for the part of Wallace for the same feature! Bruce is very excited about this new possibility!

Mr. Mathews attended his first SAG sanctioned audition for the feature film The Listening Party on Thursday, July 6th for the role of an Old Rocker for the casting firm of Tocchet/Dixon. Bruce did well during the audition and felt good about the experience!

I would like to wish each of you a safe and sane 4th of July! As this country struggles through a deeply divided time (red versus blue, democrat versus republican, one religion versus another, one race versus another) I think it is important to remember that we all share the same desires for freedom and the pursuit of happiness!

As of June 1st, 2006, I have eartned my full membership in the Screen Actors' Guild to go along with my full membership in Actors' Equity of America and the American Federation of Television and Radio Actors. I have also declared my professional name as Bruce Basil Mathews in all three Unions (which should make my Greek relatives smile.) I am now in the process of seeking more active professional representation in all areas, including movie and TV roles, voiceovers, radio spots, and commercials. If you are a certified agent in any of these fields and would consider representing me, please feel free to contact me!

The Odyssey production of the play First Monday In October directed by Alan Miller played to wonderful audience response and full houses through closing on May 28th, 2006. It was terrific fun and I shall miss the cast and crew very much! To ease the pain, Mr. Mathews has been called back to participate in two of the three productions in the 2006 Season of the Los Angeles Shakespeare Company in Topanga Canyon! The season includes King John, Taming of the Shrew (the director has contacted Mr. Mathews with regard to each of these productions for a call back,) and King Richard II. The Los Angeles Shakespeare Company performs under an AEA 99 Seat Equity Contract.

On April 1st, 2006 Allan Miller's production of First Monday In October opened at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles. The show will be performed through June 4th, 2006. The play received excellent reviews in the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, Backstage West, and Variety! Mr. Mathews will be applying for membership in the Screen Actor's Guild once the show completes it's run. He will then be seeking representation from Michael Zanuck of Zanuck, Passion and Pace!

On February 1st, 2006 Bruce was cast in Allan Miller's production of First Monday In October in the role of Associate Justice Harold Webb of the United States Supreme Court to be performed at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles from April 8th, 2006 through June 4th, 2006. The Play stars Ralph Waite of The Waltons fame and Laurie O'Brien. Mr. Mathews is very excited about working on this project! Happy Easter to Everyone!

Mr. Mathews recently won the role of Henry II in a filmed production of the play, A Lion In Winter for director Robert McClendon of the Pasadena Art Institute. Unfortunately, due to his current commitments, he was unable to accept the role. Mr. Mathews has also recently auditioned for a role of the father in the American Film Institutes short film, False Horizons, and was recently called to do another episode of The Young and the Restless.

God must be forming a theatre troupe. On Friday, October 7th, 2005 another of my friends and mentors, David Herman, passed away. First Thurston (a consumate stagecrafts person,) and now David, the best director I ever worked with. I had the good fortune of working with David five times over the past fifteen years in everything from Romeo and Juliet to Amadeus. He always gave me tremendous respect as an actor and artist as I did for him. I will miss him greatly.

On Friday, August 27th, 2005, my beloved teacher, mentor and friend, Thurston James, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Reseda, California. Thurston was the most influential and learned teacher I ever had. He taught me everything I know about stagecraft and lighting, but more importantly, he taught me the joy of learning since he was a constant student himself. The world was an exciting and mysterious place with many curious things to find out about to him. He passed this along to me and others that were fortunate enough to have been taught by him. He also taught me how to drive a sixteen penny nail with one blow of a hammer. I am gratefult to him for this and all of the wonderful lessons he helped me to learn.

On April 10th, I had an audition for a Nationally televised commercial for the Senior Care Action Network Health Plan. The audition was conducted by Dan Bell of Dan Bell Casting. It went very well and I am hopeful to be involved in the shoot on April 21st and April 22nd!

On March 28th, I had an audition for a SAG LIMITED EXIBITION Feature entitled SHORT TRACK, for Marie Hopkins of MACH 1 PRODUCTIONS, LLC. The character's name is Wayne, Crew chief of Beckett Race Team. A grease-under-fingernails racing bachelor. A Skynard tee and ill-fitting jeaned under-educated, but smart head wrench. I felt very close to the character and believe I gave a reasonably good read of the man. We shall see what we shall see.

On Monday, March 20th, I met with Michael Zanuck, of Zanuck, Passion and Pace to discuss representation. Once I have earned my membership in the Screen Actor's Guild to go along with my full membership in Actor's Equity and AFTRA, I will be contacting him to discuss the matter in more detail. Last week, I also had an audition for "The Scottish Play" being produced at the L.A. Theatre Center. So, things are jumping!

Film and TV

The film, Who Flew Over What, directed by Ryan Hurst is scheduled to be released in June, 2005 and will be headed for the 2006 Sundance Film Festival! The film, The White Room directed by Laurie Goretski, in which Mr. Mathews played dual roles, received critical aclaim at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival after screening at the Festival on Monday, March 8th, 2004. The film won the AUDIENCE AWARD of 2004, and BEST SHORT FILM category! The film also won aclaim at the Script 2 Screen Film Festival. The film was named BEST SHORT THRILLER 2004.

Bruce just completed four great days of shooting as an asylum inmate for Who Flew Over What?, the basis for Ken Kesey's play One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest, directed by R. Douglas Hurst for Tonic Films. The short feature was shot on location in Norwalk, CA at Menton State Hospital. It was an extraordinarliy fun project! Bruce is looking forward to working with Mr. Hurst in future. Bruce has also recently been cast in a spec commercial for Bud Light directed by Max Gutierrez. Mr. Mathews also completed filming a new thirty minute short feature being produced by Worn Path Productions entitled I Stand Here Ironing. The piece, directed by Bruce R. Schwartz, is set in 1932 during the Depression and was filmed on location in Tujunga, California.

Mr. Mathews has just auditioned for the lead role of Marlon in the SAG sanctioned experimental movie short, Grinding, written, directed and produced by Greg Garthe of Skeleton Pictures. The role is comedic, concerning a man who is stuck in a dead end job who uses jumping rope to relieve his tention. Bruce is looking forward to working with Greg, whom he believes from the audition process is an excellent director.

Bruce was recently asked to audition for a new yet to be titled SAG project starring Beau Bridges in a small but funny role of a man on a cell phone trapped in an elevator. Mr. Mathews is truly looking forward to the call from his agent regarding casting!

Bruce has just become a member of the Academy Players Directory. His On-Line resume is now available for viewing at their web site www.acadpd.org. Mr. Mathews will appear in the hardcopy version beginning with publication number 214. Mr. Mathews was able to register with this prestegious publication as a result of his union membership in AFTRA, received earlier this year.

Well, it appears that the Screen Actor's Guild members were not satisfied with the potential merger with AFTRA and once again, voted the joining down. Bruce had hoped that the merger would go through, bringing a uniform set of laws into power for handling issues such as digital media revenues. Although he is disappointed, he hopes that the continued separation will work out best for both SAG and AFTRA members.

On July 2nd, 2003, Mr. Mathews auditioned for a new TV series for the E! Entertainment cable network. Each episode is a reinactment of actual events in the lives of Hollywood celebrities. Bruce is very excited about the possibilities that this may bring.

Mr. Mathews has just received his fully paid membership in the American Federation of Television and Radio Actors Union. Bruce is extraordinarily thrilled to have become a full member. It is something he has wanted to achieve his entire life. Mr. Mathews will now be able to vote on the upcomming merger initiative between AFTRA and SAG. Bruce is in favor of the merger.

Bruce has just been cast as the father of an anorexic daughter, Joel, in a reality based TV series for the LifeTime Channel entitled What Should You Do for Casting Director Richard De Lancey of 44 Blue Productions. The shoot took place on March 20th, 2003. The show is airing Saturday nights at 11:00 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 12:00 a.m. on the LifeTime Channel. Bruce's show, Episode 22 will air on September 13th, 2003 at 11:00 p.m. during the start of the new pilot season.

Mr. Mathews has also just completed shooting nine episodes of the Hit Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless for Director, Mike Denny. Bruce played the part of a drunk in a bar in the first episode, a dinner patron at Gina's in the second, third and fourth. Many of the other episodes center around a fire and the observations of the passers-by to a host of plot twists! Bruce filmed an additional four episodes in which Mr. Mathews participated are sure to be considered for the Day Time Emmy's! His next appearance will be in the new Health Club which replaced Gina's as the conversation hang out for the Soap. His initial appearance was shown January 22nd, 2003 at 11:30 a.m. on CBS. The latest episodes will air December 11th, 2003. The casting director for Y and R has informed Bruce that he will be considered for use on Under Five roles on this award winning Soap Opera this year.

Mr. Mathews has also just completed shooting on the Pilot Series, Snitch, starring Robert Patrick. Mr. Mathews shot a total of three days on the project after having been selected as one of the core members of the FBI. The pilot has been purchased by Columbia TRiStar and will air on the FX Channel in 2003. Below is the announcement in the Hollywood Reporter in August, 2002.

After two seasons in pursuit of the truth out there as Special Agent Doggett on Fox's The X-Files, Robert Patrick is switching to the wrong side of the law as the star of FX's drama pilot Snitch. The show, produced by Columbia TriStar Domestic Television in association with Paramount Network Television, centers on a Los Angeles-based hustler (Patrick) who reluctantly turns FBI informant when he's caught by the feds in a sting operation. Jason Cahill (The Sopranos) wrote the pilot and is executive producing with R.W. Goodwin. Alan Taylor (Six Feet Under) will direct. Snitch comes on the heels of the FX's first series hit, The Shield, which garnered three Emmy nominations. In addition to Snitch, FX recently gave a 13-episode order to Castle Rock TV's dark comedy Lucky and greenlighted a pilot to be produced by Paul Reiser and Columbia TriStar Domestic Television (HR 7/14). Patrick won a Saturn Award for his role on X-Files. The actor, currently shooting Charlie's Angels 2, is repped by Endeavor and Hyler Management.

Bruce has also continued to audition for many other films and TV shows, such as Jashua, a supernatural thriller being produced by Messina Baker Entertainment, The Bully, a SAG Experimental directed by Nicholas Delfino and several other Union and NON-Union features. Mr. Mathews also has been auditioned for a new set of Infomercials being created for release on cable.

Bruce completed shooting the lead role of John Roper, "The Master" in the feature film The Chosen Few in May of 2001. The film is now available to be viewed on-line over the internet at www.CenamaNow.com. The film is now released and is represented for distribution by LittleStudioFilms, Inc. The film has won the prestegious 'Award of Excellence from the Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2002 , screened at the Vancouver Island Film Festival on October 5th, 2002, and will be screened again at the Kansas City Independent Film Festival in March of 2003. Everyone involved with the production is quite pleased with the final product. The film is a psychological thriller about a spiritual leader who would do anything to save his chosen runaway kids. The movie is directed by Robin Podder for I-VU Pictures Productions , Executive Producer, NetGURU. The film was shot on location with a production staff of over thirty gaffers, grips, UPM's etc. Bruce appears in about 70% of the film. His scenes include preaching to an Ashram gathering of one hundred fifty extras, several encounters with beautiful women, fighting off potential assailants, and much more. The film was shot on DV for release on 35 mm and video for distribution in India and the UK. The film will be submitted for showing at Sundance in November 2002. HBO has approached the director for a private viewing to evaluate whether the film may be used for a Movie of the Week. Mirimax Films has also requested a copy of the script and Director's cut when it becomes available. Negotiations are also under way for release for cable distribution. Shooting completed on schedule May 15th, 2001. The Sound track is currently being created by two Emmy Award winning composers. They have both indicated that they like the film a great deal. Mr. Mathews has already been involved with relooping sound for several scenes and is staying with the film through the editing process to give him a better understanding of all aspects of film making. Clips from the film are now available on-line at http://www.cinamanow.com

Bruce recently completed shooting footage for the character Kenneth - A Clarvoyant in a non-union feature entitled Shining On for director Jason Fenton. The film was shot on location in Santa Barbara. Both the film trailer and promotional stills from the shoot are currently available on this web site. The movie is to be released for distribution in September, 2003.

Bruce also completed four days of intensive shooting for a short film entitled Omnipotentum for director Miklos Philips . The film was shot entirely on location in San Francisco, California in over fifteen different locations. Mr. Mathews played four different roles in the film including: Steve, a "regular guy", Waif, a "homeless person", GQ, a "Wall Street tycoon" and Obiwan, the "Warrior god". It was a very physically demanding and the characters were each highly complex. Film from the shootis available upon request in both digital and VHS format. The short was reviewed by many people on the Triggerstreet.com On-Line Short Film Festival and rated 821 out of 1365 entries. Some people loved it, some hated it, but it had an affect on all who viewed it. The San Francisco FRAME organization, a non-profit group for the promotion of film has awarded Omnipotentum by placing the film on their annual compilation CD for the Best Films made in San Francisco for 2003!

Mr. Mathews recently signed with a new Full Service Agent, Diane Hooper of The Stracraft Agency located in Hollywood, CA. Bruce will retain Carra Lund, previously of the Lund Agency who had represented Mr. Mathews for the past several years, as his Personal Manager.

Bruce has been very busy with auditions for both Union and NON-Union Films, Internet Videos, TV Pilots, Equity Stage Productions and Commercials. He has completed over one hundred auditions between January 2001 and January 2002 and over twenty auditions this year including Jason Fenton's feature entitled Shining On, Dark Horse Production's new feature film, Holiday, Size Production's commercial for Pepsi, ICT's Production of Peter Shaffer's play, Black Comedy, Gregory Von Dare's production of Richard III , Miklos Philip's Short Feature Omnipotentum, Ken Maynard's Internet series for the Star Wars Fans web site, Mara Jade , Stefan Mark's new work Sitcom - The Play, Sanjay Gupta's new film, Koante and Skyline Films new production Sex, Lies and ...Repetition. Mr. Mathews has appeared in six movie short subjects and one full length feature since January, 2001. Bruce also participated in table readings for two new screenplays by Richard Lasser, screenwriter for the movie, The Chosen Few . The new films are currently entitled The Happy Frenchman and Treasures.

Bruce has recently registered with both ExtraCast.com and Central Casting in order to obtain the needed vouchers to become SAG eligible. Mr. Mathews completed filming as a Featured Extra for the television series, Family Law on March 27th, 2002 and also completed shooting as a featured extra for the series The Court starring Sally Field, Pat Hingle and Diahann Carroll on April 2nd, 2002. The episode, (#5), was directed by Jesus Travino. Mr. Mathews also auditioned for the role of Adolf Hitler in the new feature Timecop II starring Jason Lee.

Mr. Mathews completed shooting the Internet Video Mara Jade in the role of the Evil Counsellor Lennox on November 5th. The entire shoot was done against a blue background with no actual props or set. The background and animation of objects is all to be added in post production. It was a vey interesting experience for Bruce, who enjoyed working with Jeff Maynard very much. Jeff has indicated that the movie short may be shown on the Si-Fi channel at a later date. The Internet Video is now scheduled be released in May of 2003, to coincide with the release of the next film in the Star Wars Series.

Bruce also completed shooting a NON-Union Commercial for American Baptist Church Credit Union in which he played a ban patron. Video is available on request.

Bruce completed filming the role of FBI Agent in the production Reflections Ago for director Henry Bain of Kreative Kamera Productions. The comic role, shot in a single day, involved arresting a professor and several sexy college coeds for solicitation. Footage is currently available.

Bruce has also completed shooting the role of the Man In Black in EMP Production's The White Room directed by Laurie Goretski. The role was actually dual. Bruce played a futuristic manhunter throughout the first part of the film, then became the psychiatric doctor treating the patient who had dilusions about being followed and captured by three men in black clothing. The 9 day shoot involved six different locations and several "all nighters". Filming was completed on Tuesday, March 6th, 2001. The film has been in post production ever since and is finally ready for preview on Saturday, June 14th, 2003 at the Globe Theatre in Burbank. The film will be screening at the New York Film and Video Festival on Monday, March 8th, 2004 at 10:00 p.m. at the Fairfax Laemmle theatre. The director will be making a bid to send the film to the Sundance Film Festival in November, 2004. Video of the production is available upon request.

Bruce has also completed filming of Hollywood Monkeys a movie short for director Chad Arhendt and A-Z Productions. The role of John Landers, CEO of a Production Company, was quite fun and included dressing as a General in Marine Corp. regalia and a comic bit pretending to be President Clinton. Footage from the shoot is available upon request. The film recently showed at the Newport Beach Film Festival , Big Bear Lake International Bearfest Film Festival and Huston Worldfest-2002 Film Festival where it received critical recognition.

Bruce completed filming of his first movie short called Unlucky Souls for Daniel Mosley, Assistant Director of the X-Files in May of 2000. The film was shot on location in an abandoned factory in East Los Angeles over a period of three days. The production crew was the same group that produces the X Files for Twentieth Century Fox, including the Director of Photography, Camera Operators, Sound, Lighting, Set and Makeup. Bruce has a 1:06 minute reel from Unlucky Souls for viewing.

Bruce has also been cast as Professor Martin, a University Graduate English professor in Another Level Productions feature film A Common Bond directed by Myron Williams. The shoot of the production has been postponed for funding.

Bruce was also cast as Rick, a criminal mastermind, in the feature film "3000 Miles" for writer/director John David Harris and Antigone Productions. The production has been postponed awaiting funding.

Bruce has completed auditions for a National Commercial spot for Allstate Insurance, Subaru Automobiles and a Smash Mouth Video for VH1. Although Bruce is currently non-union, he will support the striking members by declining if cast.


I am now a full member of Actor's Equity Association. Something I have worked to achieve for almost five years!

Mr. Mathews has also completed a theatrical run in the role of MARCH in the new Stefan Marks play, The Good Year at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. Bruce was extraordinarily pleased to be working with Mr. Marks again after having performed in one of his previous plays, The Mirror!

Mr. Mathews is also currently awaiting word from the Neveda Conservatory for Theatre who will be mounting a production of A Man For All Seasons. Bruce is up for the role of Sir Thomas Moore.

Bruce has just completed the run of Stefan Mark's new play, The Good Year, in the role of March, a father whose son hates him for having left the child (now a man of thirty-five) at a very young age. As with most situations in life, the reasons for March's leaving were far more complex than appeared on the surface and involved a wife who hated him. The character was both comedic and dramatic. Bruce enjoyed playing all of March's aspects.

A DVD of Ned Mark's play Dreamland is now available. Mr. Mathews was extraordinarily pleased to have participated in this new play in which he created the role of Rudy, an overprotective father with a sadistic twist.

Bruce has been very busy auditioning for both Equity and NON-Equity productions. He was asked to perform in two different productions for the High Desert Players in Victorville, Inspecting Carol and a new play entitled A Simple Fortune, but committments to other projects (and his AFTRA affiliation) precluded him from participating.His recent auditions include those for Stefan Marks new play entitled The Tournequet, Bruce is auditioning for the part of Joseph, an underachieving trash collector for whom the pressures of life and family have become almost too much; the National Tour of the musical Oliver based in New York for the role of Fagin, Michael Donavan for the ITC production of Peter Shaffer's play, Black Comedy and Gregory Von Dare's production of Richard III . Although Mr. Mathews was cast in a supporting role for the production of Richard, his shooting schedule and other theatrical committments conflicted.

Bruce recently appeared as the Father, Rudy, in Ned (Edward) Marks new play, Dreamland, at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood and then went on to tour the show at several colleges, including Moorepark College in Simi Valley. The audience reaction to his characterization was wonderful. The playwright was very happy with Mr. Mathews' work and has asked him to appear in subsequent plays he authors. If Mr. Mathews' shooting schedule permits, he will be delighted to do so. The role was very rich and Bruce would love to pursue the character further!

Mr. Mathews recently appeared as the character of John Watson, a lovable back woods janitor in the play Natalie Needs a Nightie at the Victorville Theatre. Hi performance was so well received by the Theate Actors Guild of Victorville that he has been asked to direct a play for their 2002 season. Mr. Mathews will be considering which of Shakespeare's plays will best fit the local communities needs. He is currently considering the play As You Like It, one of Shakespeare's early comedies.

In November of 2000, Bruce completed the role of FALL, a self depricating aging teacher, in Stefan Marks' production of The Mirror, a new play taking a retrospective look at one man's life as told by four people. The play was performed at The Two Roads Theatre in NOHO. The play was recently reviewed by the "L.A. Weekly" who made it a Weekly Pick! The play was also reviewed by "The L.A. Times" who thought it was "Hauntingly Good". He was also cast as the role of Alonzo for Sierra Rep's production of The Tempest, though once again, scheduling conflicts did not allow him to perform the role. Bruce also auditioned for four other Equity productions recently; Lysistrata at the Foliage Theatre, The Shepards Play for Chauser and Company in the Bay area, Duracula at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse, and the role of Bill Allenson in Tom Griffin's play Einstein and the Polar Bear at the Mockingbird Theatre.

Bruce made his directoral debut with a production of Shakespeare's Othello which completed a six week run at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. The show played to enthusiastic audiences and was critically well received. The "Backstage West Review" selected Othello as a Critic's Pick. Anne Louise Bannon is quoted as saying "Wow!" and "very powerful and very good!" The L.A. Watts Times also gave the production an excellent review. Bruce directed, produced, designed the lighting and played the role of Brabantio in the production. It was a wonderful learning experience for him. He looks forward to his next opportunity to direct.

Bruce completed the role of Sidney in the play Inspecting Carol by Daniel Sullivan of the Seattle Rep Company. The play was directed by caryn Desai of the ICT Theatre in Long Beach. Video tape of the production is available upon request.

Bruce also completed the role of Leonato in a production of Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing . The production opened Thursday, August 12th, 2000 at The Complex Theater in Hollywood.

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