Bruce Basil Mathews
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200 Lbs.

The Apple Group, Jerry Pace



Mistake The Doctor Honey Lauren, Mistake Films, LLC Feature Film
Lost In Memories Ernest Oleksander Bugela, HappyChoice Films Short Film
60 Seconds Customer with Cachier John 'Quig' Quigley, Chrome Bumper Films Short Film
The Human Contract Victim Jada Pinkett-Smith, Overbrook Entertainment Feature Film
Who Flew Over What? Snorkle - Inmate R. Douglas Hurst, Tonic Films Short Feature
I Stand Here Ironing Featured Extra Bruce R. Schwartz, Worn Path Productions Short Feature
Shining On Lead Jason Fenton, Black Russian Films Feature
Omnipotentum Lead Miklos Philips, MozgoMedia Productions Short
The Chosen Few Lead Robin Podder, IVU-Pictures Feature
Mara Jade Lead Jeff Maynard Internet Video
Reflections Ago Supporting Henry Bain Feature
The White Room Lead Laurie Goretski, EMP Productions Short
A Common Bond Lead Myron Williams Feature
3000 Miles Supporting John David Harris Feature
Unlucky Souls Supporting Daniel Mosley, 20th Century Fox Short
Hollywood Monkeys Lead Chad Ahrent, A-Z Productions Short
Equus Lead Mike Vincent Feature

The Young and the Restless Airline Patron Sally McDonald March 16th, 2004
The Young and the Restless Genoa Athletic Club Sally McDonald December 11th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Gina's Crowd member Mike Denny October 14th, 15th, 16th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Dinner Patron Mike Denny September 16th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Dinner Patron Mike Denny August 21st, 2003
What Should You Do Joel Richard De Lancey, 44 Blue Productions Episode 22, August 16th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Dinner Patron Mike Denny April 10th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Dinner Patron Mike Denny February 5th, 2003
The Young and the Restless Drunk Mike Denny Jan. 22, 2003
Snitch FBI Agent Alan Taylor, Arlington Productions Pilot, TBD
The Court Featured Extra Jose Travino, CBS Episode 5, July, 2002
Family Law Featured Extra Paul Haggis, CBS Episode 4, May, 2002

American Baptist Church Credit Union Bank Patron Wally Simms
Bud Light Bingo Caller Max Gutierrez

Brothers Grimm, Sisters Wild Wilhelm/Frog/Prince West Valley Playhouse John Truxaw AEA 99 Seat
Our Miss Brooks Mr. Conklin Wells Fargo Theatre Bob Telford AFTRA Special Contract
The First Monday In October Associate Justice Harold Webb Odyssey Alan Miller AEA 99 Seat
The Good Year March Stella Adler Theatre Stefan Marks AEA 99 Seat
Dreamland Rudy Stella Adler Theatre Stefan Marks AEA 99 Seat
Natalie Needs a Nightie John Watson Victorville Theatre Guylene McKenzie Community
The Mirror Fall Two Roads Theatre Stefan Marks AEA 99 Seat
Much Ado About Nothing Leonato The Complex Donna Weaver AEA 99 Seat
Othello Brabantio Stella Adler Bruce B. Mathews AEA 99 Seat
Angel Street Seargant Rough Kentwood Playhouse Del Spain Community
The Mousetrap Paravicini Kentwood
Max Storm Community
Romeo & Juliet Friar Laurence Long Beach Rep. David Herman Summer Rep
Inspecting Carol Sidney El Comino College Rep. caryn D'Sai Summer Rep
Amadeus Salieri Long Beach Rep. David Herman Summer Rep
Equus Martin Dysart Long Beach
David Herman Summer Rep
As You Like It Jaquis Riverside Rep. Jules Aaron University
Carnival Jaco Riverside Rep. Gary Schultz Summer Rep
Devour The Snow Foster American Theatre Arts Don Eitner AEA 99 Seat
Joggers UPS Man American Theatre Arts Don Eitner AEA 99 Seat
Othello Duke Garden Grove Shakespeare David Herman Summer Rep
Time Remembered Butler American Theatre Arts James Copland AEA 99 Seat
Peer Gynt Devil Riverside Rep. Jules Aaron Summer Rep
Hot'l Baltimore Jamie U.C. Riverside Richard P. Brown University
Moonchildren Bob U.C. Riverside Jules Aaron University
Light Up The Sky Peter Sloan U.C. Riverside Monroe Lippman University
Bachelor in Fine Arts, University of California, Riverside. American Theatre Arts, Don Eitner, Tom Troupe, Joseph Ruskin - Instructors. Masters Classes in Shakespearian Acting, Richard Pascoe, Patrick Stewart and five members of the RSC - Instructors. Comedia Del Arte, Dance, Mime, Circus Techniques, Hove Burgess, Richard Oliver and William Shepard - Instructors
English, French, Greek
Classically Trained in Shakespearian Theatre, Fluent French & Greek, Regional Dialects and Accents; American, British and European, Juggling, Motorcycle Racing, Computers, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and Baseball

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